You can disable wifi on your router and easily replace it using electric circuit.

I was told that you can’t turn off wifi on your router.

Not true.

You can enter the router manager and switch off its wifi output easily, when you use an ethernet 5 pin to 5 pin connection from your PC or laptop to the router.

Once your wifi is disabled which took me three minutes maximum, you can plug your router into an AV600 Powerline plug (tp-link), using the starter kit, available online, and a pair into a separate plug attaching a device to it.  The two plugs tune in to each other, and at that moment, your electric circuit round your house becomes as good as an ethernet circuit, no drilling or installing required.

If your router is a Brightbox 2,

EE have set up the following help pages for this

the following page describes how to go into change the wireless settings

Piece of cake.  Costs about £50/60 to buy a starter kit or less if you shop around.



2 Responses to “You can disable wifi on your router and easily replace it using electric circuit.”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Yes you can Tap. I did this a few months ago and I only use hard wired internet in my house now. It works very well too and I have no wifi running at all now. I disable my wifi in the way that you describe, via the router manager software.

    Its a minor inconvenience if you move into another room, you take your ether plug and wire with you, but I soon got used to that and I don’t miss the wifi at all.

    I can quickly turn the wifi on when the more phone addicted younger members of the family turn up too. They can’t seem to cope with out wifi for some reason

    I think that the other important thing to do is to always put your mobile phone in airplane mode overnight when you sleep. I also do that whenever the phone is in my pocket as well. Although this is probably not very attractive to those who think that they must be connected 24/7. Quite frankly they’ve been mind controlled if they think that. Real world trumps cyber world every single time for me….

    • Tapestry says:

      You can get an adapter cable to plug phones into the circuit as well as iPads if the users are willing to try to avoid cancer. I will report back with where you buy these tomorrow or next week sometime.

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