UKC: Heinz Means Bombs

… the more you eat, the more you….

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UK Column News 08 May 2019


Pre show chat box:
Brexit Party Peterborough rally:

The Brexit Party Rally Peterborough 07 May


Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

US deploying against Iran
John McCain: “My favourite pop song is Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran”
John Bon Zolton

Mike: “We’ve been here before…”

Who is Ilan Goldenberg?

Transition Syrian support act?

Oh, so Ilan drew Bibi’s cartoon Iranian bomb?

Slow and Steady and Independent!

Baked Beans Funds Bombs

Centre For New American Security

Morning Star is a code name for Lucifer.

Iran’s response….

They all look rather smug overweight and older these people ramping up the war talk, don’t they

Could have been….
by Daniel Boffey

Bot watch

Money King Sedwell

Sedwill: Yes Minister!

Vazeline telling Sedwill Let’s get this party started



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UKC: Treasonous King Sedwill

UKC: Treasonous King Sedwill


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