Tories talk to each other on Twitter about who will deliver Brexit.

  1. The two names circulating as the most likely Brexit Conservative leaders are Steve Baker and Priti Patel (although I had previously moved on from following her output once her strong anti-Palestinian association with Israel came to light).  Here is Steve Baker’s output this morning.  He wants to recognise Palestine.

    IDS is right: we must have a crystal clear Brexit policy That’s why I worked to produce the alternative ministerial statement when we first defeated the government’s deal:

    Reflecting that we have already done our homework on how to leave after rejecting the Withdrawal Agreement: – at Big Ben

  2. Of the announced and likely Tory leadership contenders, only Steve Baker and Priti Patel have perfect Brexit voting records – from the 2016 EU referendum right through to backing No Deal in Parliament.  Show them your support with a follow at and

    TAP – Patel is friends with Netanyahu and voted to cut aid to Palestine.  Baker speaks for Palestine.

    Why I will vote to recognise Palestine


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