Theresa May trial. Will she be found guilty?



DATE 06/05/2019

English Democrats – v – Theresa May

Dear Henry

I thought that you would like to know that, as a result of the generous support which patriots have given us, we have now been able to instruct Counsel to draft a comprehensive and devastating response to the Government’s ‘Grounds of Resistance’.

Curiously, the Government’s Grounds of Resistance were drafted by James Eadie QC, who is the same QC that the Government used in drafting their Grounds of Resistance to the Gina Miller case.

It was interesting that in that case too Mr Eadie’s Grounds of Resistance wildly inflated the strength of the Government’s position.  He even claimed that it was unconstitutional for the court to consider Gina Miller’s case!  Needless to say, the court disagreed with his Grounds of Resistance at every opportunity!

I think that the court should also disagree with Mr Eadie’s Grounds of Resistance in our case.  Interestingly he did not even attempt to deal with some of our cases strongest points!

This case now becoming known DESPITE the national media blackout on it. It was mentioned on QUESTION TIME this week!

We have now pushed for an early preliminary decision on the case and will push for the earliest possible hearing date.  I think it helps to remember that in the Gina Miller case, from where we are now, it was about five weeks before the court heard the case.

So, we have a limited time to raise the sums necessary to fight the case if we are to save the democratic mandate of 17.4 million people!  The future of this case and our Country sovereignty is reliant on YOUR support and contributions.


We have at last, a chink of light at the end of this very long Brexit tunnel so let us not blow it and allow the treacherous politician off the hook through lack of money! Weaponize your anger by donating and really fighting back HERE:

As things stand, this case is the only realistic chance of getting us out of the EU.  It is now crystal clear that left to herself, Theresa May will eventually get her fake and traitorous withdrawal “deal” through Parliament.

From now on this case is going to be increasingly expensive to run and I do hope that you will continue to support us in seeing this to the end as without our resistance the traitors will win!

Henry, will you chip in to the ‘National Brexit Fighback Legal Fund’?

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman – The English Democrats


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