The Brexit Party Rally Peterborough 07 May

As we approached the King’s Gate Conference Centre, BBC R4 were airing Lord Andrew Adonis yet again. Tired, same old same old, pretense to democracy yet not.

We were an hour early and plenty of cars were already parking. The atmosphere was so friendly. I sensed you could say ‘Brexit’ and even ‘Trump’ without triggering name calling and victim mode from those willing to be upset at the drop of a politically incorrect suggestion. The queue was already gathering. Wealthy to low income attendees, young twenty-somethings to older with walking sticks, but everyone happy to be next to each other.

Fresh. Clear. Positive. Optimistic. Friendly crowd of traditional political left and right.

The BBC are loathed!

Chairman Richard Tice comperes and introduces Brexit Party MEP candidates to the stage. They speak for 5-10 mins and the next is invited to the stage.

Surely, party politics is nearing an end. We are entering a time of independents? I am very wary when ever I see ‘Change’ slogans and The Brexit Party are a party and a slogan:
‘Change Politics For Good.’ ?
Yeah, sure! I was in Kuala Lumpur and delighted when Tony Bliar was elected to power 1997. How I was fooled.

But, I liked it last night at Peterborough. The atmosphere was of a fresh energy. Whether you engage or not, we have a representational model of politics. You have a choice to engage or not. The model is hardly perfect, but what to do? Dream on for ever and a day about a utopian ideal?

The candidates were….
Paul Hearn, older businessman who had voted Remain.

June Mummery of East Anglian Fisheries

Tim Martin JD Wetherspoons CEO, not a candidate, but present to give celebrity voice and support… he mentioned, “… the €U has 5 unelected presidents… more spin than Shane Warne… get rid of the people in parliament.”

Michael Heaver, twenty-something: “Can you feel it?”. Yes, indeed, we could.
Perhaps, other than the main attraction himself, the star of the show, Anne Widdecombe, referred to, “…. patronising nincompoops in Westminster.”
Anne Widdecombe was having a blast! She looked slim, energised and it was pantomime. It was fun! She said if we don’t leave the €U, then the MP’s will leave Westminster. The Brexit Party are here to run for parliament. The last 3 years are not in vain. The obfuscation by Westminster has galvanised energy, resolution, determination and stuff is going to happen.

Shaun Leaver, businessman and 30 year Conservative campaigner.
Edmund Fordham, an academic, physics I believe and a traditional Tony Bennite Labour man. I suspect this was his first ever public speaking experience, like this at least. He sat comfortably on stage with Anne Widdecombe.

…. and last, but by no means least, Nigel Farage,”It’s not about left or right, it’s about right or wrong.”
Poignant for me, Farage told how the €U leaders are condemning President Tayyip Erdoğan (air-dough-an) and Turkey for running local elections again because they question the result. How ironic! Ring any Brexit bells?

This man is set to be PM. Who else? I do not think he even wants it. I suspect Farage would be very happy fishing, socialising with friends and family and spending his time leisurely. He feels he has no choice. Who else has the experience of the political €U as this man? He can negotiate our exit, cleanly, clearly and successfully.

I already hear my chums at the going, hmmmmmm…. they have talked of a new centrist party for some time now. They have suspected Tony Bliar fronting a new party. No, it is Nigel Farage. Will he succeed? Will he disappoint? All I know is there is no intention to leave the €U by the Westminster establishment and Farage is a chance, just as Trump was a chance and certainly a better option than Clinton.

On the way home Liverpool incredibly beat Barcelona 4-0. I’m a Gooner, yet still enjoyed the drama. Also, the BBC R4 ran a dour piece on UKIP compared to The Brexit Party and reported how Jess Phillips has been reduced to tears in the street by UKIP MEP candidate Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad’s 3 year old Tweet joke about NOT raping her….. zzzzzzz.
Context people, context. The same old same being offended by thought and words and constant virtue signalling is not going to realise a thriving Brexit UK. You continue to choose being a victim Jess. I intend to vote for The Brexit Party. What else? Who else? Sure, the English Democrats may secure a legal ruling ob Brexit, but the reality on the ground demands real world action. Move aside May, Corbyn, Cable and Caroline Green Mucus Lucus. Farage is back.

I have offered myself to them to be The Brexit Party artist. I suspect it unlikely. My sketches here are dodgy, but perhaps give a sense of being.
My track record on views about Palestine, Israel, Syria, Libya, health, GcMAF, vaccines, Melanie Shaw and child violation and any number of other subjects would probably be unsuitable, but I have offered.

As we drove along the East Anglian roads, the countryside was green, lush, wonderful and peaceful. Let’s get our own house in order, not be caught up in globalist ideals of world order.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    brilliant report, Ned – and drawings.

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