Scientists align to stop 5G in Europe.

People sit casually browsing their phones as if they hope something interesting will appear in front of their eyes.  They miss all the stuff going on around them, the weather, the seasons, the people.  They don’t talk directly to anyone, but sit in their cut-off worlds.  As they do that, they are increasing their chances of sterility, cancer and lowered immune system responsiveness.  In fact they are making themselves sick.  Life expectancy is falling.  I can’t think why.  Pulsed electro-magnetic signals don’t exist anywhere in nature.  They are known to harm life in all its forms.  So think for one second if you want to spend your short life glued to a tiny screen held in the palm of your hand.

Scientists are issuing warnings all over the world.   Smoking killed earlier generations who thought it was fashionable to puff away.  Now it’s phones that are killing us and the paraphernalia of the technologies behind them.

EU 5G Appeal – Scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G


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