Ryan Secures Copies Of Dancing Spinning Squirrel Pics

He uses terms like spinning squirrel to avoid specific censorship. 66 pictures still to come, but Ryan has 10.

I’ve bought Rebekah Roth and Judy Wood books. I guess they make for an amusing library, but I’d go with Ryan Dawson’s analysis on 9/11.

Dancing Israelis Photos Analysis w Ryan Dawson


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  1. tapnewswiremember says:

    There’s another book you should try.
    It’s hard work ploughing through this tome.
    To call it turgid may be an understatement but there’s very good info in it for those who persevere.

    This is what it’s about in a nutshell:

    The 26 part video interview is excellent but very hard to locate on the internet.
    It’s buried in the Disclose TV website.
    I would watch the videos first before attempting to read his book.

    I used to say that this world will never be truly free until we see the mass media openly announcing this 9/11 truth.
    The video came out in 2010.
    I had once thought that the guys at the Veterans Today website were genuine seekers of the truth – so much new 9/11 info came out there in 2014.
    But stuff happens 🙁

    I had spent a lot of time, energy and money trying to get the truth out.
    That seems like a lifetime ago.

    Now there’s something far, far more important looming ahead which very few are discussing – something even more taboo than the nuclear demolition of the WTC……

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