Only electricity allowed in new homes. Heating costs increasing. Weaponised weathers events.

War torn economies.  flooding.  hurricanes. earthquakes.  impoundment of reservoirs and dams.  Boobytraps set up around the world, infrastructure globally being attacked.  Recommendations for where do we live?  Where do we go?  Aerosol dumps.

Social credit system being applied across the world.  We are under rules and regulations right now – the NWO.

Warfare to control all of us.

Useful idiots – dumbing down of education.  Crop of young people completely mind controlled, socially isolated, autism,  kids unable to be reciprocal with their emotions.

Vaccines are a genocidal programme.  People are unschooling their children to avoid compulsory vaccination.

Dr Andrew Moulden discovered vaccination injury cure – water and oxygen.

Vaccines injure.

Microbiologists are dying very young.  We are in a sinister deadly system.

AV10 tomorrow.

AV10 Conference Schedule – Watch on LIVESTREAM AV10 – Conference Schedule All listed speakers are confirmed to participate in AV10 Please note that the schedule may be subject to change.

Saturday 11th May 2019 9.00am :

Introduction & Notices 9.15am : – Brian Gerrish – Action Conquers Fear 10.30am :

Break 11.00am : –

Patrick Henningsen – Masters of the Narrative 12.15pm : Short Comfort Break 12.30pm : –

David Noakes – A Life Less Ordinary! 1.30pm : Lunch 3.00pm : –

Clive de Carle – The Global Health Conspiracy … & How WE WILL Dismatle it! 4.15pm : Break 4.45pm : –

Dr Graham Downing – Controlling Time : The Battle for Free Will 6.00pm : Dinner 8.00pm : –

Deborah Tavares – Worldwide Agenda : Extinction Plans in Documents 10.00pm :

Conference Closes

SUNDAY 12th May 2019 9.00am : Introduction & Notices 9.15am : –

David Ellis : The Roman Temple of Mars – EU Military Unification; A Precursor to Global Governance 10.30am : Break 11.00am : –

Gemma O’Doherty : Exposing Corruption 12.15pm : Lunch 1,30pm : –

John Smith – Common Law Courts … An Opportunity for REAL Justice! 2.45pm : Break 3.15pm : –

David DuByne – The Ice Age Cometh : Solar Minimun & ‘Climate Change’ 4.30pm : Break 5.00pm : –

Benny Wills – Cancer is Curable & Other TRUTHS worth fighting for! 6.15pm: – Dinner 8.00pm :

Mads Palsvig : The Solutions – Creating Economic Growth & Eradicating Poverty 10.00pm : Conference Closes Monday 13th May 2019 9.00am : Introduction & Notices 09.15am :

Mark Steele – Stop 5G Crime – Let Justice Be Done Though the Heavens Fall 10.30am : Break 11.00pm :

Ian R Crane – Community Activism : How to stop 5G … Dead in it’s Tracks!

12.15am : Open Forum 1.0pm : Lunch 2.30pm : Various Speaker Workshops (to be listed at the Event) 5.00pm : Conference Ends For those taking the FOUR NIGHT Package : 8.00pm : Informal Dinner (with After Dinner Speaker – TBA)


One Response to “Only electricity allowed in new homes. Heating costs increasing. Weaponised weathers events.”

  1. Cobalt says:

    Funny she should mention dams being ‘booby-trapped’.

    TPTB love to literally put it in plain site and did it with 9/11…

    And then there is the $50 bill… … maybe using the same scalar weaponry they apparently used for 9/11 which Dr. Judy Wood tried to expose too.

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