Ole explains how the globalist power structure works. Bilderberg opens today (Video)in Montreux, Switzerland.

He predicted Notre Dame and the attack on Giza.  Now he’s telling us that Bildeberg was announced only the day it happened, today – at Montreux, Switzerland.  He has the full list of attendees.  Ole Dammegard is undoubtedly the best authority on terrorism and on which politicians are sold out to the globalist agenda.  Anyone attending Bilderberg is clearly only interested in globalist power.  Any pretence to being a democrat is just that – pretence.

From the UK –

Future Of Humanity Institute, Oxford University is represented (What the hell does that mean?)

Mark Carney – Governor of the Bank Of England, Goldman Sachs.

Dutch Green Party representative.  (clearly not a minor party).  Once they are at Bilderberg their careers go straight up…secretly supported all the way.

Many other countries –


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