Baker son of Davis? Can you see a resemblance?

Steve Baker MP – above

David Davis MP – below

David Davis has a most strange family background, which, if you are from the Miles Mathis school of thought, might suggest a heavy disguise as to who he really is.  Davis was involved in manoeuvring Cameron into the leadership of the Conservative party, by operating some swift moves to block Liam Fox (Read my book Angels & Devils).  He has been a key figure in Parliament for a very long time, always resigning his posts and being hard to read.  If someone is hard to read, that might suggest connections to intelligence, and possibly a scrubbed aristocratic moneyed background.

Then his ‘deputy’ from the Brexit section Steve Baker suddenly appears from under the woodwork, another recent resigner from a ministerial post, possessing a surprisingly full CV,  also with military connections.

Then something else occurred to me, when I nearly mistook Baker for a younger Davis (in the pictures where he’s not wearing spectacles).

Might there even be a slight resemblance between the two of them, as well as a close political association?

If so expect a lot more to come from this man from ‘nowhere’.  Will it really be Brexit though?  David Davis stopped Liam Fox, who would undoubtedly have got Britain out of the EU ten and more years ago.

The goings-on at this level of politics are beyond mere human understanding.


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