Letter to Shropshire newspapers about the Shropshire Council’s current approach to 5G


The gung-ho and ill-informed approach being taken to 5G by Mark Barrow, the Shropshire Council Chief Executive is concerning.  I would like to remind him of the Council’s own Constitution which lists out his responsibilities, and those of of his cabinet.
The section titled ‘Collective Cabinet Accountabilities’ states that –
Cabinet members are collectively accountable for leadership that results in decisions about service, that are provided or commissioned by the Council in pursuit of enabling –
  • Healthy People
  • Resilient Communities
  • Prosperous Economy
Is Mark Barrow aware that an international group of 186 doctors and scientists have recently asked that 5G be investigated as to its safety, as there is as yet no study which declares it to be safe, either from government or from within the telecommunications industry.
As the Council’s number one accountability is not to undermine the health of the people of Shropshire, Mr Barrow would be failing in his constitutional duties along with his cabinet if he were to press ahead with 5G when he cannot be sure that it won’t do damage to health.
The microwave technology 5G utilises is military and the army, navy and Police have much experience of its causing cancers in their personnel, increased suicide rates and birth deformities, along with other effects like causing burning sensations and itching in peoples’ skin, nose bleeds, headaches and much else.
How does Mr Barrow manage to be so keen on this technology being released onto the general population of Shropshire when there is so much evidence that it is dangerous and no evidence that it is safe.   There would also be the need to cut down tens of thousands of trees across the county as the 5G signal can’t cope well with wet leaves.  Does Mr Barrow wish to comment about that?
He might also be interested to know that in South Korea where 5G is already in place, many people have been affected by fires caused by 5G technology.
5G can only be released onto Salopians if the Council cooperates, as the 5G signal of up to 9 billion oscillations per second does not travel far from its masts – only up to 300 metres and the only way it can be successfully deployed is through installing transponders onto lampposts every hundred metres.  The lampposts all belong to the Council so Mr Barrow is the only man who can save Shropshire by refusing to allow lampposts to be so used.
If he were to read the report from the international scientists and doctors, he might well have pause for thought.  Otherwise he will be personally liable along with his cabinet for sacrificing the lives of the people of Shropshire purely for corporate profit.  I would ask him and his cabinet to urgently investigate the effects of the technologies that they appear so keen to inflict upon us.
Yours sincerely,

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