John Redwood leads the debate in the media. Should he lead the Conservatives?

At one time John Redwood was given the media ‘treatment’ barring him from leading the Conservatives – papers calling him ‘The Vulcan’ and making him seem remote and out of touch.  Yet as one of the most intelligent and caring people in the House of Commons, would he now acceptable to the public who want someone real in control not another media creation like Boris Johnson, with little substance?  Redwood’s completely capable of handling Britain’s current mess and can be trusted.  I’d back him if he went ahead to try for the leadership, as would others commenting on this blog.

The outspoken MP for Wokingham in Berkshire vented his frustration at outside bodies hired by the Government to lock Britain into treaties – in particular the Maastricht Treaty – and then realise information in order to do so is incorrect. He also mentioned the UK’s European Exchange Rate Mechanism and Climate Change Treaty as examples of such now controlled by the bloc thanks to experts who made it so. He wrote on his personal blog: “Some people want us to be democratic so they oppose locking ourselves into the rules and decisions of national and international bodies in principle.

“Other people would not mind if those bodies made wise decisions and did well, but understandably get cross when they lead us to disaster.

“The truth is you cannot say you live in a democracy if crucial parts of government are under independent expert control with no democratic accountability.

“In practice in a democracy like the UK Parliament and government are held responsible for big decisions even if they are taken by so called independent experts.

“In a later post I will look again at how the Bank of England is not in fact independent and how wrong it has been on major issues of economic and financial policy over my adult lifetime. It is crucial that fallible expertise is subject to criticism and influence by elected officials and can be overturned if necessary by the votes of the people.

The 1922 Committee have now taken action after failing to oust Theresa May (Image: GETTY)


John Redwood has lashed out on so-called “experts” (Image: GETTY)

“The EU has threatened this important part of our democratic settlement with its rigid legal structure. Those in the Eurozone suffer even more from its defects.”

The post comes as the Brexit crisis deepens with the 1922 Committee now taking action after failing to oust Theresa May.

Sir Graham Brady, who is the chair of the influential and powerful group, demanded the Prime Minister sets a date for her departure, which will be immediately after Parliament is dealt a fourth meaningful vote on her controversial withdrawal agreement next month.


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