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  1. Protestant says:

    When I saw “dancing people”, I thought you meant the Muslims I saw dancing, laughing & cheering right next to me in a narrow Spanish street on 9/11, where we all watched the big television screens showing the horrific newsreels, as 3000 people were crushed and burnt to death.

    People are finally waking up to the fact that there is no Left vs Right, no Tory vs Labour, No Capitalist vs Communist, No UK vs EU, because it is all a carefully orchestrated illusion to conceal the Globalist Mafia controlling the world. Now it is time for people to take one further step, and realise that there is no Judaism vs Islam, because Islam is just a branch of Judaism, invented by Khadija, the 40-year-old Jewish Yemeni Slavetrader & Kabbalah Sorceress, who asked her 20-year-old employee Mohammed to marry her, filling his head with occult visions and writing down his “new” religion for him as the Koran, based entirely upon the Babylonian Jewish Talmud/Torah, though Mo never knew it, because he was illiterate.

    It was Khadija’s vast Jewish wealth, inherited from her Jewish father, that funded Mo’s Army of Conquest, wiping out whole countries full of Christians. Muslims & Jews have always been secret allies against Christianity, down through the ages, which is why very few Jews have ever been attacked or killed by Muslims at any time in history.

    • tapnewswiremember says:

      I thought Islam was invented by the Vatican.
      And Khadija was a devout Roman Catholic.
      Have a look at:

      In this filing at the Crown Court, the defendant states that “he was informed …. in part through high-level direct and indirect Saudi contacts, including the late H.E. Prince Mohammed…… that Islam was a fraudulent religion. That is because the Koran was not dictated by God, as Islamic theologians proclaim, but by a series of theologians at the Vatican, hence the original being in Latin and the requirement for early Islamic scholars to speak Latin. The Defendant also understood that the first author of the Koran died before the work could be completed, explaining the differences between the earlier and later chapters. That in turn helps explain the deep division between Sufi and Salafist Muslims”

    • tapnewswiremember says:

      They give themselves various labels to confuse us – Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, whatever.
      The correct term is CANNIBALS.
      In truth there’s a MASSIVE secret society of Satan worshipping cannibals who live amongst us.
      There’s plenty of discussion of this on Twitter, such as these threads on the harvesting, sale and consumption of cerebrospinal fluid (‘CSF’):

      • Protestant says:

        FALSE! The Vatican story is disinformation, widely spread on the internet to draw attention away from Khadija THE YEMENI JEWISH SLAVETRADER & KABALLAH SORCERESS.
        Muslims only PRETEND to hate Jews, who have been their natural allies for 1400 years. Muslims never could have conquered Spain without the help of the Jews. First, Jewish Berbers in North Africa, led by “Princess” Kahina (Cohen), attacked the peaceful Christian Berbers, destroying their towns and farms, then she welcomed the Muslim Invaders and forced her own sons and people to pretend to convert to Islam.
        The Muslim Moors left the Jews to hold the Christian families as hostages, threatening to kill them if their men refused to help the Muslims conquer Spain. The army of enslaved Christians and willing Jewish Berbers reached Spain and at a pre-arranged signal, the Jewish Traitors living in Toledo opened the gates to the Moorish Invaders, while the Spanish Christians were all in church celebrating Palm Sunday. They did the same in all the other Spanish towns except Malaga, where Jews were forbidden to live. The Jews were well-rewarded for their help, and prospered in Moorish Spain as treasurers, administrators and advisers to the Sultans.
        (Just as in England 167 years later, when the CryptoJewish Wulfhere, who was made ealdorman of Wiltshire by the Christian King Alfred the Great, betrayed the King to the Viking hordes, letting them swarm across Wiltshire in the darkness of Twelfth Night, attacking the Christians as they celebrated Christmas at Chippenham.) And just as they have opened the Gates of the West to Muslim Invaders today (see Barbara Lerner Spectre’s infamous video).
        And that’s why most of the leaders of Muslim countries are actually Jewish, and why very few Jews have ever been attacked or killed by Muslims at any time in history. Christians have always been the target, and are only allowed to live in Muslim countries because lazy Muslims need a CHRISTIAN SLAVE CASTE to do all the real work for them.
        The Fulani herdsmen of Africa, whose hats are nearly identical to the Jewish hats worn by Jews in Medieval Europe, do the same thing today: Jewish herdsmen attacking and killing Christian farmers in Africa. The light-skinned Tutsi=Cush are proud to be descended from Jews through the Tribe of Ham, though they pretend to be Christian, lording it over all other Indigenous African peoples.

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