Yellow Vest Georgia Poulequen escapes to the UK to warn humanity.

Georgia Pouliquen is a French Lawyer … brutalised by the French Police in Limoges, she made her way to the UK and shared her unique insight at the Alternative View (AV10) Conference.

Some of the images contained within this presentation are deeply disturbing but very little appears in the UK Lamestream Media, as the British Establishment do not want the British Public to see the REAL nature of Totalitarian EU ‘Democracy’!

Move forwards past early sound problems. The pictures of the Police victims being shot in the eye by the French Police are shocking.  Some are crippled.  Some are killed.  By the French Police.  This bloody repression is hidden from the media.  These are non-violent protesters.  Protesters are locked in cells with motor cycle helmet on their heads, hand-cuffed, violated, no lawyers, no rights.  They are accused of ‘anti-Semitism’.

She used to be in the French military, now a lawyer, a humanist.  ‘Our government lies to the world.’  Please propagate the truth all around the world.  Soon it could be your turn.’  Demonstrators are treated like criminals with no rights.  Justice no longer exists in France.  Macron has control of the legislative, the executive and the judicial.  The media also.  Separation of powers is abolished.  France is now a dictatorship.  It’s over.  It is now an offence to assemble, or to demonstrate.  We have to act separately.  We can’t meet each other as Police would stop any meeting place.

Judges are not independent any more.  Yellow Vests are sent to prison just for demonstrating.  The real criminals like Paedophiles, rapists are let out to make space in prison for Yellow Vests.  The criminals are in government now.  They don’t hide it.  France has civilians Police Nati0nal and military Police (Gendarmerie).  Her father and grandfather were gendarmes.  She was gendarme reservist.  ‘In my mind I am not a Yellow Vest.  I am a soldier.  If I cannot be strong, it will be over for us.’  We had spokespersons but they disappeared.  The only remaining are on youtube.  The mass media spokespersons are not permitted.

Police tried to catch Georgia a few days ago.  She has many followers. ‘We have nothing.  We are isolated.’  Yellow Vests are brave people.  We are against these dictators in Europe and everywhere.   We must fight against what Macron wants to do – to establish a dictatorship – and he wants to be President of the EU.  He made a video in 26 languages to become the EU President – the military superstate.  It’s not against the US or Russia, but the people.

The Police are often not French Police.  Why Yellow Vests?  These people want to be visible.  The dictators want people to be invisible.  They despise them.  The people want to be proud of themselves.  When you wear a uniform, you are stronger.  Seeing the young girl lose her eye, Georgia decided to get involved.  It changed her outlook on her country.  The Police aim at peaceful people intentionally taking head shots deliberately.  Blinding is deliberate.

Britain is signed into a defence union with the EU, which involved all aspects of defence, including Police.  The EU dictatorship is already in place in the UK.


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