Facebook scrubs Robin Tilbrook. Someone’s not liking his court case enforcing Brexit.

Robin Tilbrook: “Yes FB don’t seem to like the case. I wonder who put them up to it?”

Tilbrook’s page has been censored, ripped down overnight. Maybe that was down to the powers that be, maybe it was reported by someone who seems to be campaigning against him, there are a few of them, but I have no idea.


I do know this though. I am fed up to the back teeth of people bitch-bitch-bitching about a guy they have the opportunity to talk to, to question directly on Daily Brexit, shunning that and continuing instead to smear the guy, a guy who might just deliver Brexit.

There are some folks in this supposed “take back control” community that need to stop peddling nonsense, to sieze the opportunities to ask (what actually are) reasonable questions head on, to grow up and damn well play fair.

Some people need to prep up on their Julius Caesar:-

“With friends like these who needs enemies.”

I’m not sure some of these cretins are even friends. They sure do not act like it.

The Anna Soubrys would be proud!



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