Earth energy stolen from humanity as the next ice age cometh.

As I mentioned Miles Mathis in my last post about the Baker/Davis connection in UK politics, I thought I should swing by and see what Miles is up to.  (whoever he/they happen to be).  This is what I found of interest this morning.  More ice age/solar minimum stuff, plus the notion that the pyramids at Giza direct electrical energy upwards.  As described in my book Angels & Devils, my own health was affected positively when I discovered some kind of earth energy node in the Philippines.  Such things would not be allowed to continue at ground level and indeed the one I found is being built over with a large new hotel in Manila.  The one at Giza was covered in the biggest structure we are allowed to know exists at Giza.  Here’s Mathis’ article.

In the journal Solar Physics, we find researchers from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), an independent German research institute, directly stealing my theory of the planets causing the Solar Cycle. That article is dated May 22, 2019, while my paper on the subject dates from 2014. I just updated the theory in April of this year, showing a match to planetary positions going back to Galileo. So do you think it is just a coincidence these people in Dresden published a paper a few weeks later tying the Solar Cycle to “planetary constellations”?

There is an astonishingly high level of concordance: what we see is complete parallelism with the planets over the course of 90 cycles,” enthused Frank Stefani, lead author of the study. “Everything points to a clocked process.

You will say they haven’t read my paper and came to that conclusion independently. But that is very doubtful, seeing that my paper has been ranked on the front page of Google on that subject for several years. Last time I checked Google for the search “cause of the Solar Cycle”, my 2014 paper came up #4, ahead of Wikipedia and

But even after the steal, they still manage to get it wrong, since they say the planets affect the Sun tidally—that is, gravitationally. No, you guys need to keep reading so you can steal the entire correct theory, which is that the planets affect the Sun by returning charge to it.

I just became aware of another steal from last year, this time from the Journal of Applied Physics and In a paper from July of 2018, Anastasia Komarova of ITMO University publishes the results of a study showing “the Great Pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy”. She and her colleagues forget to mention I predicted that a decade earlier, in November of 2008. In that paper entitled “A Preliminary Study of the Pyramid as an Electrical Structure”, I provided this diagram:



to illustrate how the pyramid of Giza must focus the charge field rising out of the Earth. So is it just a coincidence they publish these very similar diagrams:

Notice how the highs and lows in their skies above the pyramid match mine exactly. We are told that “These conclusions were derived on the basis of numerical modeling and analytical methods of physics”. But you can see that these conclusions were derived by reading my paper, which again has been listed very highly on Google on this subject for several years. My science website has been viral for a long time now, generating extraordinary numbers, so these researchers cannot claim ignorance. A great number of my papers are ranked on the front page of Google, and some even outrank Wikipedia. Many outrank the scholarly journals, these journals included. Which is why they shouldn’t have failed to give me credit. This paper will get more views worldwide than their initial articles, so their steal is bound to fail.

Since I don’t read any mainstream journals, I have my readers to thank for drawing my attention to these cases. If you discover any more instances of plagiarism or idea-theft, please let me know and I will add them to this paper. We will keep a running count. I have been predicting this would happen, and now it is happening.

May 28, 2019

TAP – more confirmation that the universe is electric, not gravitational.  I have ordered the DVD from AV10 to watch the conference while I’m on vacation in July and August.  David Devine’s presentation is forecasting a mini ice age as the sun starts a new phase and enters a ‘minimum’.  Looks like a ‘victory has a thousand fathers’ situation.


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