Don’t fail to watch this video. It could save your life.

I went to visit my County Councillor today who took my comments about 5G seriously and said he wanted to look into it further.  He introduced me to the Leader of the Council, who said he understood why we don’t want fracking, but couldn’t see why there was a problem with 5G.  They both said they would look at whatever I sent them.  So I got the stuff together and emailed it over.

First I sent them the list of cities across the world that are refusing 5G including all applications for further investigation on medical grounds.  Brussels comes top of that list.  Then I sent the list of international scientists and doctors requesting the EU to investigate 5G and other emfs and their health effects,

Then I sent them the Buckfastleigh video of John Kitson and with Ian Crane alerting the world to the dangers of 5G and other emfs, see below.

If you missed this, watch it now 0r as soon as you can.

And then get down to your County Council.  The Councils own the lampposts which are crucial to 5G as it won’t work without transponders every 200 metres.  The signal is different to 4G and won’t travel as far.  4G can go 30 miles.  Without the lampposts 5G is dead in the water.  Only the Council can stop this abomination from happening to you and your loved ones.

If the Councils don’t know what 5G will do to the people in the communities where it is to be released, they need to find out – and quick.  Here you go.

There is not a single scientific or academic report, anywhere in the public domain, which declares 5G technology to be SAFE … yet it is being rolled out across the so-called developed world!!


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