Diane Abbot Told Me That Joke!

I know TAP, you think I’m going down a dead end path…. but, please suggest the alternatives. The only viable option before now to get out of the blasted €U political club is Nigel Farage who once ran away from the UK Column’s David Eliis and a question about €U military unification. Today he is referencing €U army.

Today he was splendid on the BBC Andrew Marr Show, though I see mainstream reports of trolling Farage about his appearance on that same show. I thought he showed Marr up for the tedious old so an’ so he and the BBC is and are….

Saturday at Durham, one of the Brexit Party candidates said, “How can anyone trust Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit when he has more positıons than there are in the kamasutra?
… Diane Abbott told me that joke.”

Great! It’s exactly how I feel about it. You can see Brexit sense of humour at about 16mins in…

Andrew Marr Show snap shots…



3 Responses to “Diane Abbot Told Me That Joke!”

  1. Cobalt says:

    The phrase ”pick the best out of a rotten bunch of apples” comes to mind.

    Whichever apple you choose to digest, it’s the after-taste and the excrement that comes out slowly down the line… that’s politics.

    Maybe Farage is the Occam’s Razor we need.

    In other words go against the narrative but I found this interesting… it’s only 22 minutes short:

  2. Tapestry says:

    Any serious Brexiteer must be supporting the court case being brought by Tilbrook while working up the political support to complete withdrawal in all its details.

  3. NPP says:

    So which apple are you going to vote for? Cox’s Pippin? Crab?
    I’m obviously not serious…. ah well, what ever floats yer boat. I’ll leave it to you guys to save the world.
    We have a vote 23 May. I suspect English Democrats will not be on my ballot. Bugger. Oh well, I’ll tell myself I am profoundly serious and may be my vibrations will determine the outcome.

    Farage? Gave 25 years, runs away from some awkward questions, but who else would be ‘seriously’ challenging the €U? No fear, because you guys will step up to the plate and get me out of the €U. Yeah, saved by TAP and its commentators.

    I’m off to be flippent and shallow.

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