Council elections show Conservative MPs urgent necessity to throw out May .

Mark Steele back in court tomorrow Newcastle NE1 1RQ.  Turn up if you can.  Gateshead Council trying to incarcerate him for revealing 5G roll-out in the North East.

Friday AV10 starts this week.  Still day tickets left – just outside Milton Keynes Saturday morning 9 am start.  Mark Steele hopefully will be there plus many other speakers.  Big discussion about 5G roll-out.  Livestream sign-up available – full weekend and from midnight Friday a pay per day pass will become available.

David Dubine from Taiwan will discuss what’s happening with the climate – geoengineering?  lots of evidence and prediction about what weather trends to expect.

Extinction Rebellion (Research Corrie Morningstar for background to the climate change political construct) to be discussed at AV10.


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