‘Which of the leading Tory contenders did not vote for the worst deal in history, Mrs May’s new European treaty?’


7 Responses to “‘Which of the leading Tory contenders did not vote for the worst deal in history, Mrs May’s new European treaty?’”

  1. NPP says:

    You may be right.

    You are also dreaming and perhaps wasting your energy.

    The biggest threat is The Green Party. Address the silly Co2 lie & The Brexit Party can win big time. Forget Lab-Con-Lib-Dem.

    The Greens, cultural Marxism, are getting into the minds of school children. The Brexit Party bring Claire Fox & Anne Widdecombe together. Are we going to go marching left-right for ever and a day or bring ideas together to discuss, debate and decide like grown-ups?

  2. Tapestry says:

    All the above are aimed at destroying and dismembering the Conservative party. Only if they select someone from the school of John Redwood will the party be saved. Only the Conservatives can deliver Brexit.

  3. NPP says:

    Fine. Let the Conservatives & Labour disappear. The Brexit Party can deliver Brexit….. it’s their ball.
    But, if you want to cling to Boris, good luck. It will be Boris or another. It will not be Redwood. I agree, he’s a Brexiteer, but so are lots of people who will not be a party leader. Even if a Tory leader declares 100% Brexit, I know they are a mixed bag as do others.

  4. Tapestry says:

    The eurosceptic wing has not declared yet.

  5. NPP says:

    I’ve had enough of Lab-Con-Lib-Dem et al.

    I love the idea of Claire Fox and Anne Widdecombe having an adult conversation.

    I can deal with John Redwood, but he’s more detested than Farage. I do not trust the Tories to deliver Brexit.

    Go Brexit Party!

    Rory Florence of Arabia Stewart is currently every hwere on the BBC. He just about sums up the drivel I’ve had enough of.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Use politicians as they use you. You need two parties competing to deliver Brexit, or it won’t happen. Farage is an insider. Redwood avoids alternative topics as he would have to. Farage is pro-Israel genocide of Palestine. Corbyn is called anti-Semite as he opposes it. Patel is pro-genocide. Steve Baker is anti. He should be Tory leader but will face the usual anti-Smite chorus for trying to observe human rights.

  7. NPP says:

    I don’t use politicians. How can I? I vote and support that offered before me. I am just a bloke who watches paint dry, not a king maker.
    Why do you need 2 parties to deliver Brexit?
    Farage may be many things…. we know all this. They are all insiders, aren’t they? He is pro-Israeli genocide of Palestine? Really?
    Anti-Semitism was invented by Wilhelm Marr 1870…. it’s so funny his invention apparently still works.
    Human rights? Nonsense. We implement the law or we do not. Instead people bang on about creed, colour and gender sub-laws and reference this label: human rights.

    Boris has just been ordered to court for the £350million bus. It gets funnier and funnier.

    Farage is the most realistic catalyst to Brexit right now, yet he is being vilified by BBC, UK Column, TAP blog, just about every platform. I hardly deem Farage as Mr. Wonderful, but The Brexit Party is fun just now. Farage would probably run a mile from me after a 5 mins chat, but there we go. If you feel you want to support another option, go for it and hope it works to secure a real Brexit.

    The anti-Semitism issue is hilarious. The Lobby are hard at work. I pondered a Trump-Corbyn situation long ago. I guess it still has a chance. A lot of people like Corbyn.

    Keep watching! The entertainment rolls on.

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