Conservative MPs are messing around

The deal for the Conservatives with the voters is simple.

Choose a leader who delivers Brexit, or not only lose the next election, but be permanently wiped out as an electoral force in Britain.  The pollsters are rigging as hard as they can to stop people imagining the Brexit Party can wipe out the Tories.  The multiple applicants for Conservative Party leader by a series of nonentities who say they will renegotiate the withdrawal agreement is a total waste of time.

The EU has already said no more negotiations are possible.

Where is the Tory leader who wants the party to survive and the country to survive?

Until one appears, and unless one appears, it will be Brexit Party as the only avenue on offer.  The harder the media and the pollsters try to hide that fact, the worse it will be for the political class that has controlled Westminster since Blair took over.


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