Can I help you Sir?

I spotted this microwave/cellular mast on a recent stroll through MIT campus whilst taking a break from business in Boston. You can be assured that no one else (that I could detect) paid a jot of attention to its’ presence in any way; I watched cars, passers-by, runners, students, professors, moms-on-smartphones and other fellow strollers for over an hour and not one soul ever looked up at it nor paused to ponder in the slightest, for even a second.

Sad .. but, unsurprising. What WAS surprising, not to mention *disturbing* —within about a minute of my taking these shots below— out of no-where: local security shows up; sliding by in a cruiser (like a shark on the hunt) and out of his window: “can I ‘help’ you sir .. ?” —Very Very TELLING ..


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