Brexit Betrayal by Farage.

How come he never mentions the only way Britain can get clear of the EU – through winning this court case.  Farage is not what he claims he is.  Get behind Tilbrook.

Update from Robin Tilbrook on the case.

10th May 2019 the first few minutes the sound was not stable.

It was via Skype which is poor quality compared to zoom. That said it improved after 5m.

I inadvertently misspoke Guyana as Ghana. 1.

Yes I know where Guyana is and it has interesting politics – Marxists – yet again located very close to the United States and bordering Venezuela. 2. Out of interest here is Ghana details also an ex British colony 3. Not to be confused with Guana Island… Gina Millers father:… and the PPP…) READ THIS and its affiliations and ideology … This is “my fathers daughter” comment by Gina Miller May I suggest this is sent to John Bolton USA Ambassador twitter @AmbJohnBolton and Mike Pompeo twitter @SecPompeo There is lots of information here. We have a very good strategic thinking team and legal tacticians that only the Military can produce 🙂 We can receive donations from overseas as this is crowdfunding a court case not a political campaign. Please share as much as possible.


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  1. Mike says:

    I think the legal route is nothing but a diversion. Possession is nine points of the law and the rule of law may well end up with the ECJ. I don’t like the smell of Tilbrook…

  2. Tapestry says:

    Tilbrook is just a lawyer doing what he does. He is not much of a politician, unlike Farage who knows how to press buttons. As for possession, the rule of law must be applied or we are nowhere. Where are the negatives in applying the law to an illegal government?

  3. stevie k says:

    Can you explain how the legal route is just a diversion? plus what has the statement “possession is nine points of the law” got to do with anything. If Farage was legit I think he would be supporting the english Democrats case and giving it publicity. I don’t trust the man.

  4. Mike says:

    It is as plain as a pikestaff that we have not left the EU.
    Scoring of technical points in a court of law is not going to wave a magic wand.
    Even if the case is heard and won the government will appeal to the Supreme Court and if it loses there will seek leave to appeal to the European Court of Justice.
    The European Elections is the opportunity for the British public to register their disgust with the UK Parliament and Government.
    The Brexit party is the obvious vehicle for that.
    The English Democrat Party standing in the European election, apart from betraying their own principles, will only serve to dilute that disgust although I expect their impact to be minimal at most.

  5. NPP says:

    Name me a single ‘legit’ politician.

    Name me a party you will vote for in the €U elections.

    I want out of the blasted €U, not talk round the houses contemplating our backsides. Please, anyone, tell me the alternative to voting Brexit Party 23 May.

    Without the imperfect Farage I wonder if there would even be a Brexit.

    If anyone has a better path, solution, option, share it. Do it!

    We have a representational system. You engage the MP’s and MEP’s or not.

    I seem to recall Ian R. Crane also sees little other immediate option than the Brexit Party while being aware of the various ins, outs and implications.

    Issue our own treasury notes? Real health options? €U military unification? The UK constitution that does exist? This stupid climate business…. endless issues to be addressed…

    Horrible, terrible, snake skin oil salesman (yep, he’s getting it in the neck from both legacy and alternative media now….) Farage is the only one I’ve heard on the BBC not pay lip service to the carbon cult.

    I welcome the positive, can do energy of the Brexit Party ralleys. The doom and gloom naysayers can be a drag. I do not expect over night constructive development, but step by step positive moves can be achieved. Let’s secure Brexit ‘officially’ and most importantly in the minds of people.

    The legal system is hardly ‘legit’, so relying on it t come through for you is very idealistic. But hey, here’s hoping.

  6. Tapestry says:

    The English Democrats are purely saying that we left the EU on the 29th March. If we left the EU, and legally we did, we don’t need to leave again by law, only by politics and especially media. Here we are in alternative media. If we have a role, it is to make up for the lack of real information in the mainstream. The English Democrat vote will be tiny and of no effect whatsoever, but the publicising of their case to the public will be crucial to people finding out that according to both British and EU law, we left on the 29th March. This could force Farage to admit that the legal position is not as painted in the mainstream. He is a creature of the mainstream, and is no doubt part of the structure that rules the world – the globalists. All negotiations since the 29th March are illegal. The law does apply, I am afraid – even to Queens and Prime Ministers. It is not insignificant. If the politicians want Britain back in the EU, we legally must go through a rejoining procedure. The Conservatives can change the game by dumping May, selecting Liam Fox as leader and completing political and media Brexit as well as legal which they have already achieved.

  7. NPP says:

    Oh I agree. Screw Farage, Sod the Brexit party. Don’t vote.

    That’s sorted that then. Hmmm…. what next? Vote Liam!
    “Maybe I don’t really wanna know
    How your garden grows
    ‘Cause I just wanna fly….”

    …. oops, wrong Liam.

  8. Tapestry says:

    UKIP was essential part of Brexit and getting rid of the Euro – by scaring Tory MPs into opposing Portillo and Blair, who in 2003 held all the cards. Equally the Brexit Party has a role to play in scaring the hell out of Tory MPs today, as did UKIP previously. But it is far more likely that Conservative MPs will deliver Brexit than any other party. The Brexit Party is a useful lever to that end.

  9. Tom74 says:

    Farage works for the Tories, which is why he always disappears/fails when it suits them, and also why he campaigns largely in Labour areas.
    It also explains why Farage lambasts lack of democracy in the EU but never lifts a finger against highly undemocratic institutions in the UK, nor British political figures.
    Sorry but Farage is not the real deal. If you want meaningful change, then vote for Batten or Corbyn.

  10. Tapestry says:

    In a GE it will be vote Farage, get Corbyn, which is why Conservative MPs are now moving to dump May and mirror the Brexit Party’s positions. No need to vote for Corbyn to get him! Just divide the Brexiteer vote into two. You need enough Farage to scare Tory MPs into Brexit delivery completed, but not so much Farage that you lose Brexit into a Labour controlled financial meltdown.

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