AV10 is over. Summary from Ian R Crane.

Jet streams now running north south, not west to east.  David Devine’s presentation is critical.  Food growing areas will be shrinking in next decade.  This presentation will be put out on social mediua soon as it’s so vital people understand it.

The agenda of the globalists is most concerning – Deborah Tavares.  False opposition like Extinction Rebellion being orchestrated to confuse opposition to 5G and weather manipulation.

Lots more details.  French persecution of yellow vests and other.

More than half tickets for AV11 already sold.  £150 for online earlybird.  Ultimately £199 is price.  This brings in more international speakers.

More than a third are new visitors.

Livestream will be going on shortly www.alternativeview.co.uk

Ian back in a field by 8.30 am Wednesday somewhere!


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