Mark Barrow, Shropshire Council’s Chief Executive, says he wants to kill Salopians.

Shropshire hopes to lead the way on 5G. (….to an early grave)

By Lucy Todman | Politics | Published:

Shropshire Council is bidding to bring 5G to the county and be one of the first in the country to do so.

Currently Shropshire has 3G and 4G mobile coverage but this limits the number of mobile phone users it can reach.

According to Mark Barrow, the council’s executive director of place, the current 4G provision supports 4,000 mobile phones per kilometre but 5G would support ‘about a million’.

At a briefing held yesterday at Shirehall in Shrewsbury, Mr Barrow said that the council planned to ‘pitch’ to the Government to be part of a pilot scheme which will see 5G rolled out in certain parts of the country.

Tap News’s reply.

Hi Ian

I am emailing and talking to the Shropshire Star journalist Lucy Todman. –

Hi Lucy,

Further to my call this morning, here is the link to the report.

In an appeal to the European Union, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 36 countries warn about the danger of 5G, which will lead to a massive increase in involuntary exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The scientists urge the EU to follow Resolution 1815 of the Council of Europe, asking for an independent task force to reassess the health effects.

“We, the undersigned scientists, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry. 5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.”

My address is ******************* I was active in the Shropshire anti-fracking campaign, and am a former UKIP candidate for Shrewsbury & Atcham, now a supporter of the English Democrats’ court action to enforce Brexit and back John Redwood for Conservative leader, if he’s willing to stand.  My business is *************.

I can provide more information as regards 5G where it has been trialled, and its effects on ex-military and serving military and police personnel.  The US Navy did a lot of work in the 1970s to ensure their sailors were protected from high frequency microwave pulsed signals by creating Faraday rooms to protect them.  The same microwaves are used in crowd control as they burn the skin.  I could recommend an expert for you to talk to if you are interested, or sources who are well informed about the dangers of 5G, which include increased suicide rates, birth deformities, cancers and many others.  The scientists and doctors who are speaking out are obviously most concerned.

My question to Shropshire Council is who within the Council is responsible for ensuring the people of Shropshire are kept safe from Council activities.  This will be listed in the Council’s Constitution as a legal duty of the Council.  What evidence do they have that 5G is safe or unsafe?  Have they even checked?  The industry admits that there is no research in existence which suggests the technology is safe, but they wish to proceed anyway to make money. 

5G is ‘permitted development’ in planning terms, and under current rules there is no need for developers to get a Planning Application approved by the Council if a landowner wishes to instal 5G.  The technology, unlike 4G and the earlier generations, can only broadcast up to about 300 metres, so  it needs a transponder every 200-300 metres to repeat the signal and thereby be able to achieve coverage.
This can only be done by using lamp posts.
As the lamp posts are Council property and responsibility, the Council can easily hold up 5G by refusing to give its permission to use its lamp posts.  The Council seems to be rushing to get ahead with 5G which incidentally will need large numbers of trees to be felled, as the 5G signal, while very fast and with high data density, cannot cope well with wet leaves.  Shropshire will lose tens of thousands of trees as is happening in other areas where 5G is being accelerated, like Sheffield and others.
The pulsed microwaves which oscillate up to 9 billion times a second are dangerous to all life forms not just human.  Shropshire Council is trying to make one very large mistake in attempting to push through this technology before it has been declared safe by the EU, the industry or any other government agency.  Even the industry admits there is no evidence as to its safety.
Please note
Shropshire Council’s Constitution.
Collective Cabinet Accountabilities  –
Cabinet members are collectively accountable for leadership that results in decisions about service that are provided or commissioned by the Council in pursuit of enabling –
Healthy People.
Resilient communities.
Prosperous economy.
TAP – If they don’t even asses 5G’s safety, they will clearly be in breach of their own constitution.  This is not negligence, but intention on the part of Mr Barrow.  Damaging the health of people intentionally, where doctors and scientists are calling for a proper examination of safety as regards 5G, and then ignoring that demand, and thereby causing people to lose their health and their lives would be classified as a crime, not just a bureaucratic blunder of the most massive proportions.

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