Western culture has died a politically correct death.

In my local pub, there is a couple. He has a beard, indeed a very fine beard, he has several earrings, and a nose ring. His hair is ever so spikey, and she has umpteen earrings and a short pink hair crewcut. They both work in counselling, and working with disadvantaged people, and both are rabid SJW’s. They are really nice people, and I used to have long, and I admit very interesting, if slightly heated conversations. The thing is, I was brought up as a, “sticks and stones will break your, etc” type of person. I rescue worms after rain, and save any baby birds that I can, but I do struggle with today’s ridiculous political correctness, and I think men should be men and women should be, well, women. They didn’t like that.

Western culture has died a politically correct death.

Paul Craig Roberts


It is amazing the power that politically correct kooks have acquired over language, art, and literature. It is a sign that the West is culturally dead.  

When high museums rename paintings because some emotional weakling declares the name to be offensive, it becomes obvious that the custodians of Western culture have lost their belief in Western culture. 

When universities cover up murals because of a claim they are offensive to people whose presence on the campus is miniscule if present at all, you know that learning is no longer the purpose of the university.  

When a people are afraid to use the words and terms of their forefathers, you know they have been intimidated to abandon even their own language and ways of speaking.  

Western culture today consists of pornography, sexual deviants, whining wimps devastated by mere words, self-hatred, and craven cowards afraid to stand up for themselves against the onslaught of hate directed toward them by political correctness freaks.

The political correctness people are the most alienated and emotionally weak element in the society.  Yet they dominate in the media, entertainment, universities, and art world.  How is it possible that the Washingtonians are prepared to take us to war with real people—Russians, Chinese and North Koreans—two countries that have already whipped us once—and Persians, an ancient race that even the Romans had a hard time with?  Do the fools in Washington really think that our homosexualized, feminized, transgenderized military can take on Russians, Chinese, and Persians?  Hollywood can make all the movies it wants with female superheroes, but superheroes are the last thing whining American feminists are.

The real questions for the politically correct crowd are: (1) why isn’t war politically incorrect, and (2) why isn’t it politically incorrect for the politically correct arbiters of language to call the rest of us names? The real racists in America are those who call white people racist.


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