“Up yours Hammond!”

Contact your MP and local media outlets. Engage them. Your silence will be taken as consent.


Matthew Hancock MP West Suffolk, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA
Bury St. Edmunds Conservatives, 10 Hatter Street, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 1LZ
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Mark Murphy, BBC Suffolk, Broadcasting House, St Matthews Street Ipswich IP1 3EP

Friday 05 April 2019

Dear one and all,

“Up yours Hammond!”

Brilliant Brexit is the gift that just keeps giving. Following this remark by Mark Francois, BBC presenter Ritual Blah turned to the freshly resigned Nick Boles, a cultural Marxist, who in 2010 stated,

“… the prime minister and his deputy, Nick Clegg, want their “people power” revolution to unleash “chaotic” effects across local communities….  “chaotic”, therefore, in our (Conservative) vocabulary is a good thing.”

The policy of chaos and creative destruction was revealed by extremists Nick Boles and Danny Kruger back then. The failure of Westminster to implement the democratic will of the electorate is astonishing. Britain is not broken, the BBC and Westminster are broken. Now, parliament has even voted to make ‘no deal’ Brexit, in effect Brexit, unlawful. You cannot make it up. Ex-oil executive Ian R. Crane aka Bloke In A Field, recently noted, ‘karma can be a real bitch’. The BBC and parliament are well and truly tempting fate and the law of unintended consequences of chaos.

I voted UKIP, Brexit and Corbyn; backed Trump at 5-1 and Corbyn at 25-1. Only Corbyn lost. Even so, I speculated he would be more successful than many predicted and have been proved correct. The BBC has been clearly bias against UKIP, Brexit, Trump and Corbyn. Corbyn voted against intervention into Syria and that is a main reason why I backed him. He also signed an Early Day Motion tabled 18 November 2013 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Bradbury Pound; that’s issuing our own treasury notes Matt, not a very Marxist thing to do.



On a personal note…. I did go on and on, no need for here ….. continued on a more public note:


Matt Hancock BBC R4 04.04.2019, 8.15am:

“We are trying to deliver Brexit… I want to deliver on the result of the referendum… Corbyn is a Marxist…”

….. you are a liar Matt. You have never represented a true and proper Brexit. Bureaucracy, not business, is your forte. A letter from Ian barrow to Donald Tusk is not lawful according to the British Constitution; and there is a written British Constitution:


I understand legal action is being taken.

Keep denying Brexit! The more you deny, obfuscate and try to nullify, the greater the payback will be. The entertainment you silly sausages provide is wonderful.

If you Mark wish to be enlightened as to the bias of the BBC, I challenge you to contact the UK Column News who are far more versed in the details than I. I challenge you Matt Hancock to be interviewed by The UK Column News if you are so confident of yourself, your policies and your position. But, neither of you have the courage or capability to engage the UK Column News team.

Unsolicited letters and hand-made cards? What choice do I have? My MP does not want Brexit and I lack real and proper representation. So, I maintain peaceful protest and declaration of non-consent.

This is the best time. I’m having a ball and you lot are like headless chickens running around clueless. The emperor is wearing no clothes, yet continues to parade down the street apparently unaware that we can see. Terrific stuff. Brexit UK will thrive. I’ve waited decades for this and it just keeps giving.


Yours sincerely,



Contact your MP. Engage them.



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