UKC: Mavericks & Melanies

A brave veteran spoke about €U military unification at a London rally while Melanie Shaw remains in Gulag UK.

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UK Column News 03 April 2019


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Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

Re-ordering UK Politics with Brexit at the heart of it
Treasonous Treaty
Government of national unity?

rolling out of agendas behind the smokescreen of chaos


Anyone hear Verhofstadt? “We need an EU army capable of launching attacks on Syria”. He said that!!

Troops shooting practice at image of Corbyn

NATO visits Trump

007 & Queen

Trump believes we’ll get along with Russia

Battleships In The Bath Gavin

Nick Boles £900 expenses for Hebrew lessons. Husband.

Maverick Veteran


Mark SuckerCyborg seeks censorship

Duty of care online? i.e. sod freedom of speech

Iranian hoodies target Post Office…. claim anonymous source from California

Melanie Shaw isolated at Rampton Hospital

Mike Veale criticised by Lord Lexton


Prince Charles: Is This A Knob?



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