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Comedy chocolate cake, aircraft-less carriers and broken British Intelligence, not broken Britain…

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UK Column News 01 April 2019


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The Government is Misleading Us on the Border with Northern Ireland | Ray Bassett at Irexit Cork

Anthony Coughlan at Irexit Galway | Supranationalism and Creeping EU Federalism


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April Fools?

Up and to the right!

Ukraine…. the stuff of TV!

The Comedian & The Chocolate King

No joke!

UK intelligence vs. Trump
UK collusion?!

The Veto

Creepy Uncle Joe Biden


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  1. kendrickdm says:

    Th N.I border issue was entirely obvious to a blind bat that a hard border would only come into effect on Southern Irelands side and the backstop was there to stop the UK leaving by the South trying to commit political and economic suicide through its own pig ignorance, just because we are leaving the EU does not mean we ever have to police our borders at all, thats a soverign decision entirely up to the UK and does not involve Southern Ireland. All the barriers are in their own heads, and if performance is anything to go by the Border Force will turn up at a point of entry once a year to randomly search a vehicle for contraband if intelligence is provided. They certainly ignore all the small ports and small airfields.

    As for Aircraft carriers, by and large it is the armed forces fault entirely, buying into old doctrines and BAE et al pork barrel projects. The aircraft carrier like all captitol ships was vunerable to countermeasures, in the UK service the aircraft were obsolete from the moment they served, which is just as well since the best ones used were for non first world opponents, we ARE in the same league as the US navy, it is just that the costs of running one US carrier group is greater than the entire UK budget for the armed forces for a year when in fact the S400 missile in service for 30 years now had a denial range only 200 miles less than the average carrier box of 800 miles which did not need the huge overhead of trained crew to operate(the missile in its protected box effectively had an infinite shelf life). They were going to call the concept the arsenal ship, the reality is that carriers were never cost effective, they needed to be replaced by long range missile ships with a large number of harrier or tucano equpped marine multirole carriers which were continualy mass produced. If you needed more aircraft to do the job you added more carriers or made an airfield. If you went against something like the F22 or SU35 you left it to the missiles.

    As it is the Navy has gambled and lost on a non nuclear aircraft carrier with less escorts in its entire fleet that in a US carrier battle group without the budget to operate the carrier and having lost the fleet air arm in cuts nearly a decade ago, most that served in it have moved on, certainly the harrier pilots and the F35 is a boondoddle. The thing is like the 17th and 18th century navy, the majority of the actions were performed by the third rates, that is the capitol ships which the majority of the money was thrown at never saw action in service most projects in fact just end up being pork programmes, tatics dress up as strategy. The best ones are directed towards objectives where they do not obsolete, are serviceable in a budget and do not cripple the economy.

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