Tories must topple Theresa today

The Conservative Party’s self-immolation is turning into a script worthy of a Jacobean tragedy.

In the midst of this madness some sanity is getting through into the sunlight.

Sir Bill Cash, the MP and former shadow attorney general, who bravely asked Mrs May to her face if she would resign, has met a team of high-powered lawyers who have been examining Theresa May’s extension of Article 50. As a result, he believes it to be unlawful. For those of you not behind the Telegraph paywall, the crux of their argument is that Mrs May has not simply broken a promise made more than 100 times not to extend exit day, but that she has not acted lawfully under UK law to accept the extension proposed by the the EU.

The former party leader Iain Duncan Smith has also publicly demanded of Mrs May that she go by the time of the EU elections.  Yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph leader was even more urgent in its demand for her removal. It spoke of the Tory collapse as a national emergency, with Mrs May’s failure to deliver a meaningful Brexit (down to her parliamentary party’s support of her failed negotiating stance and incompetent premiership) spelling electoral disaster:

‘This is a national emergency and there is only one imaginable escape. The paralysis in the Tory parliamentary party must end – Cabinet members and MPs need to remove Mrs May now and replace her fast. They should pay attention to the advice of Lord Spicer and Lord Hamilton of Epsom, two previous chairmen of the 1922 committee, who insist it is possible to change the rules to do so. Britain needs a new prime minister who is 100 per cent committed to Brexit.’

This is what we have been arguing on TCW for months. But with respect to the right-minded Tory bigwigs who are finally putting their heads above the parapet, ‘by the EU elections’ is not soon enough. Mrs May is not to be trusted. She does not share their moral code. She and her civil service backers are politically ruthless. On current form she would abuse any leeway granted.

The key question remains – how long will it be before before other Tory grandees or key members of the Cabinet get behind Bill Cash, Iain Duncan Smith and the noble Lords? At TCW we have been counting the days to their toppling of Kim May.

Today is Day 11 . . .


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  1. Aldous says:

    Off topic.
    Another Twin Tower moment?

    This is the first day of Holy Week in the Christian calendar and no one is going to persuade me that this isn’t deliberate and engineered by the usual suspects:

  2. Tapestry says:

    Looks very likely Aldous. If you see any more research into it let us know.

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