Removing ‘loser’ May key to Tory recovery.

Polling is looking bad for the Conservatives.  Is that surprising?  The road to recovery must involve a change of leader, and a political Brexit to match the legal Brexit already achieved.

IDS in The Guardian

The former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith has called on Theresa May to resign as prime minister next month, saying the timetable for her departure should still stand despite her failure to pass a withdrawal agreement.

“I know that the prime minister has already said she’s going. She said she would go as and when the agreement was ratified, which was looking at around about May, June. I think those dates still stand,” he told Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday.

“I think that what the PM has to do is aim everything now towards departure before the Euros [elections] which would then allow her to step away having done what she said she would do, getting the UK out of the European Union one way or the other and then we can have another leadership election and pick a new leader, which is the way it has to be.”

His intervention came as two former chairmen of the 1922 Committee of backbench Tory MPs said party rules could be changed to allow a leadership challenge sooner than December.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Lord Spicer and Lord Hamilton of Epsom said the 12-month rule on no-confidence votes could be changed if MPs agreed to do so. “Conservative MPs are responsible for their party. If they wish to change these rules there is nothing standing in their way,” the pair wrote.


3 Responses to “Removing ‘loser’ May key to Tory recovery.”

  1. Cobalt says:

    Britain has gone like the United States.

    Reds and bloods … bloods and crips… Labour and Conservative.

    Just like the ‘eagle of decromacy’ (left-wing / right-wing)… isn’t it time for some other party to come in that doesn’t suck up to corporations, Israel, the banking elite and more importantly… false-flag terror for political gain?

  2. Tom74 says:

    An unelected Prime Minister would be undemocratic. We need a General Election so that the people can decide on their government.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Building political parties like UKIP takes twenty years. UKIP was penetrated right from the beginning by MI5 and has collapsed. All political parties are penetrated and manipulated from behind the scenes. Better to elect 600 individuals if we could somehow arrange that! Meantime we must play what is in front of us. Not a pretty picture but in amongst the filth lie a few possible avenues. That’s all we currently have. There are clearly splits in amongst the elites and we have a little slack to play with at the moment. We have to participate or democracy is already dead.

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