Our safe world is shrinking.

I just had my first horrific 5G experience. I’ve had other smaller issues with 4G but this was so much bigger and intense. Got gas at a gas station heading East on 40, Eastern Oklahoma traveling through and I got back in the car and start burning and itching uncontrollably from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, burning and itching and breathing heavy, hair got all wet, my lips turned white and I combed my hair to itch my scalp and a ton of hair fell out with the hair bulbs still attached to the hair. Just. Burnt from radiation. And I hope no one else has experiences like that. tt lasted for a good 45 minutes of pain and misery, I just wanted to cry. No more traveling???

Elissa Lynnie Thygesen Had something like that to me I was on the freeway drive between two antennas facing each other, 1 exit away distance of 2 antennas near weights station for trucks, I felt microwaved my knuckles on the steering wheel, my face horrific, till I past the 2nd antenna. Its would have been death of just a bit longer.
Sharon Pecoraro I hope you are reporting this!
Stephanie Dickerson I can no longer drive on certain roads- I-95 in Florida absolutely ends all my functionality. I lose the ability to think when driving there- Now here, where I live in GA, the towers are all boosting the signals and I am getting ill driving by local cell towers– Yes, our world- our safe world- is shrinking.

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