One week since Britain left the EU. No government response to High Court. Does Law still rule in Britain?

Our case, that we have already left the EU, has been been issued in the High Court and has been served. The next step is for the Government to state their response and then we shall have a court hearing.

TAP – The Rule Of Law is a key principle of the British Constitution – that all must obey the Law, including the government.  Let’s see when they decide they will address their own illegality.  They have known about this case a long time, as Tilbrook gave warning he would bring a case if the terms of The Withdrawal Act 2017 were not complied with.  How long will it take government lawyers to dream up a defence to the indefensible?  No doubt they’ll create a ‘good news day’ when they reply to this so no one hears anything about it.  Keep your eyes peeled.  They’ll pull some kind of stunt.  Of that you can be sure.

Robin Tilbrook writes – Judicial Review cases are never dealt with in days. We will hear next week what the government has to say in Reply but only then will the High Court list the first hearing. We are applying for the hearing to be “Expedited”. We have a strong case that the UK is Out of the EU!


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