It’s Time to Fight for Our Independence

Dear mike,

I hope you had a thoroughly restful long weekend, and if you celebrate it, a reflective and meaningful Easter.

You may recall that in July last year I proposed that the Democrats and Veterans temporarily subordinate our central long term political ambition – that of replacing Britain’s failed system of Representative Democracy with Direct Democracy – to what many of us feel must be the necessary primary, short term goal of first regaining Britain’s genuine sovereignty and independence from foreign control.

And I proposed that we reach out to other organisations – irrespective of whether they were party-affiliated or otherwise – to ensure that in the case of those groups whose genuine priority was that of securing our nation’s democratic interest ahead of career or party considerations – that we work together cohesively in such a way as to ensure that none of our efforts should be directed at opposing others on the same side of the Brexit issue, but rather that we recognise who is the most viable candidate in any national election, and all join forces behind that person.


Our Members Want to Put the Country First

While the handful who voted against the motion will likely have had well-reasoned arguments behind their position, the result of the vote was overwhelmingly (97%) in favour of the DVP prioritising working with other groups to achieve Brexit, before resuming our main effort of revolutionising Britain’s system of democracy.

So, having received my orders from our members, I have been in dialogue continuously with other groups – almost from the very day of that vote until today.

Initially, we planned a Brexit Alliance (see which we envisaged was likely the most effective non-partisan means of networking between the various pro-Brexit groups in the run-up to any national election – should it have been called, but as the New Year arrived there emerged the possibility of a new single-purpose “Brexit Party”.

Thinking it unlikely that the Electoral Commission would authorise the registration of such a party (unless the pro-Remain EC cynically believed this would be helpful in splitting the pro-Brexit vote – in which case they probably now realise they’ve miscalculated massively), I nonetheless reached out to the leadership of the planned Brexit Party and let them know the intention of our members to work together in the most effective way possible, towards the achievement of this common, essential goal of Brexit.


We’re Combining Forces

This dialogue has culminated in an extensive and fruitful discussion this afternoon between the leader of the Brexit Party and our own party’s Policy Director.

The leader of the Brexit Party has today expressed to us his considerable gratitude and appreciation to our members for their willingness to put country ahead of party and to get behind what is clearly the most viable and effective strategy to either initiate the process of replacing our defunct Political Class, or else in leveraging them to capitulate to the democratic will of Britain’s electorate.

While the Brexit Party has instantly become a nationally recognised phenomenon, it is too young to have a well-developed ground game. And electoral performance in national elections is always both the product of name recognition nationally – and yet equally – concerted, well-organised activity locally.

Our leadership is therefore right now liaising with the people within the Brexit Party team who will be disseminating the various promotional materials to fellow-collaborators, with the aim of our ensuring that as many hard-working activists who have in the past demonstrated their commitment to getting the word out, will be adequately equipped to be as effective as possible in their local areas.


What Happens Next?

It appears that we are right now faced with two possible outcomes:

1. The two main parties getting convincingly thrashed in a national election on 23rd May, having themselves impelled a set of circumstances in which the British public is given the opportunity to experience the speed and simplicity with which it is potentially possible to overhaul the entire party system in a single day – an observation which looks to be extremely dangerous for our current treacherous Parliament should a General Election arrive while the memory of Westminster’s monumental betrayal of the electorate is still fresh in the nation’s memory.

2. The government may very understandably fear the consequences of such a massive defeat at the hands of a party barely weeks old, and the consequences of the precedent this may set ahead of the next GE, whenever that arrives. They may therefore be rash enough to do a deal with Labour and impose on Britain a Brexit-in-Name-Only arrangement in which we retain our membership of a Customs Union and end up with the worst of both worlds – virtually no say in the running of the EU, and yet locked out of direct trade negotiations with the rest of the world – including the US and the Commonwealth. If this happens, the government will probably come to realise that they have committed suicide by the next General Election, and could very well end up getting as convincingly defeated by a brand new party, as they’re about to experience at the European Elections – if they happen in a month’s time.


Britain’s Future May be Very Bright!

So, whichever bad decision the government can yet again be relied upon to make – the future may actually be looking very hopeful indeed. And with respect to what we in the Democrats and Veterans have long argued is the necessity not simply to wrest power away from a corrupt foreign elite, but also from our own corrupt home-grown elite – who evidently answer to the very same masters, it could very well turn out that the fact of such a betrayal having been perpetrated so openly, may actually have impelled the next phase in Britain’s progression towards genuine democracy.

But this will happen only if we all work together to ensure that at whichever election happens, the two main parties are so convincingly defeated, that they abandon their absurdly misplaced arrogance and finally capitulate to a nation whose patience may be very close to running out.


It’s Time to Send a Message to Our Political Class

So, I am calling on all our members to please do whatever they can to work in their local areas to contribute towards as resounding a victory for their Brexit Party candidate as possible.

To this end, if you already know who your regional coordinator is, please get in touch with them and make it clear that you’d like to make yourself available to do what you can to serve, and they’ll aim to link you up with other volunteers, both from within our party and beyond.

And if you don’t yet know who your regional coordinator is, I hope to notify the membership very shortly of some truly excellent new appointments that will be serving the membership at regional level.

It’s time to take the fight to the enemy.

Let’s unite, so we can ensure that we hit them so hard, they don’t get up this time.

I have the honour to remain,



Your obedient servant.


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