How they laughed.

It’s a long read but worth it. If you ever doubted we were being strung along, this should really open your eyes to the truth.

The KitKat Legacy

At a private conference just over a year ago, on Friday the 9th of March 2018 to be precise, British Civil Service officials arranged a gathering of EU Ambassadors at the London School of Economics (LSE) to discuss ‘their’ post-Brexit plans!

In sum, they were briefing against the United Kingdom and its people by revealing how they proposed to hoodwink the unsuspecting British public so that we would be kept tethered to the EU like a lactating nanny goat. We would become a cash cow for whatever the EU demanded. It was a case of ‘sod the 17.4 million!’

‘Secret’ tapes of the meeting revealed that a Brexit Department official, Victoria Billing and a Cabinet Office official, Alistair Brockbank, who operated with the blessing of Egregious Olive Oily Robbins, were the two main Whitehall delegates.

Billings was caught boasting to EU diplomats and other academic attendees that ‘Brexit will be like a KitKat which would be a ‘cover’ hiding the depths of ties to Brussels for years to come!’ This sparked mocking laughter by describing in such lurid, sensationalist and cheap terms the defence and foreign policy deal the UK was after.

Brockbank also boasted to those present that the UK stood ready to continue paying ‘significant contributions’ to those controversial common EU defence and foreign policy projects adding, ‘The UK is interested in it all and we will continue to bankroll an EU army after Brexit!’

Brockbank claimed that the UK would be willing to help Jean-Claude Juncker’s plans for an EU army known as PESCO, the Permanent Structured Cooperation, that will see 25 EU countries merge their armed forces under one flag and one Commander based in Brussels.

In further boasts, Brockbank Junior indicated that it was civil servants who were running the show negotiating the detail while at the same time they were discussing the political high level ‘fluffy bits’ which they could decide will go into any declaration that gets made public in order to pacify them. In other words, ‘shut them up’ with a few tasty morsels while hiding away the meaty stuff from prying eyes until it is too late!

KitKat? More like an onion when peeling the layers back and you see what is really going on inside. It makes me weep!

As ever, Brockbank boasted that all the plans discussed at the meeting would be kept secret. Well, Sunshine. Not any more they’re not!

I had heard of this before but must have overlooked the detail since much of it is online and I had not got the bit between my teeth then.

But perhaps that arch denier of any sort of EU army in the making, Nick Clegg, who is on record as saying it is all a figment of our imagination might like to enlighten us. He’s a little bit out of reach for the time being but maybe our American friends can feel his collar for us?

And never mind ‘sod’ the 17.4 million, it appears that David Davis, the Brexit Secretary at the time, was led up the garden path by little Miss Billings, his employee!

The two British ‘officials’ are also overheard on tape pledging to keep using UK taxpayers’ money to prop up Brussels after Brexit.

Little wonder then that Chancellor Hammond ruled out rather hastily that there would not be a Brexit ‘dividend’ once the UK had left the EU. He must have known what the officials were up to and, as a diehard Remainer, sanctioned any efforts they could to placate his friends on the Continent. His role was surely in the background egging them on. He was in the loop!

As part of the deal suggested by Brockbank, EU military officials would be based in Whitehall forever!

This bombshell would have you, me and a raft of other senior Brexiteers from government and businessmen and women determined to make the UK fully sovereign again, blanch at the idea of ‘alien’ monitors in the MOD fussing and picking over what we were up to and whether it sat comfortably with EU masters back in Brussels to whom they would report.

Only God alone knows what our Anglosphere allies would have to say about that in 5-eyes! It is appalling!

But it is only right to report that one furious attendee blew open the secret ‘chat’ at the LSE raging that ‘The public has a right to know what is being carved up behind the scenes!’

Three things emerge from this:

One, ‘trade’ is not the issue. It has always been a mask to confound the public and gullible multi-national business corporations who have set up shop here albeit they can leave as and when it suits their pockets, not forgetting, of course, our own lazy unadventurous companies who would simply rather the EU take charge of ‘trade deals’ with other countries so they can just sit back do naff all and wait.

It would be simple enough to leave the EU and trade under the rules of the WTO. After all, GATT, the forerunner to WTO, was set up by a handful of countries in 1948 one of which was the UK. With seemless efficiency all the relevant regulations required to be kept were incorporated into the WTO in 1998.

Secondly, the so-called ‘Irish Backstop!’ It doesn’t get a look in and is yet just another deflection to hide the real political agenda and truth from us until it is too late.

Thirdly: Civil servants are a devious lot and if Billings, Brockbank and Robbins are anything to go by, they are quite above their station let alone pay-grade in arrogantly assuming that they and they alone, hold the future destiny of this United Kingdom in their own sticky and sweaty little mitts!

But what is equally galling is whether any of the three civil servants mentioned have been taken to task about such revelations. I have seen Olive Oil being questioned on other Brexit matters, but not this, by a puny interrogating Brexit Select Committee hearing chaired by none other than Hilary Benn rasping away, tongue flicking from side to side and letting Oily off lightly but what of the other two, Billings and Brockbank?

Have they been dismissed or are they, like Egregious Olive, still employed? If so then I would put it to you that that in itself is a scandal!

We’ve heard it all before. String the public along with civil servants moaning that the public and MPs should not entertain the idea of daring to question the traditions of the Civil Service. ‘Yes, Minister!’

Former civil servants who mostly sit unelected in the Upper Chamber have in the past rounded on any Brexiteer who dare do so calling them ‘Nazis!’

So that’s OK then, berobed nincompoops on an attendance fee of £300 per day can disparage all Brexiteers but as soon as one lone young man on College Green outside Parliament calls out Anna Soubry as a Nazi, he gets arrested for harassment.

We are on College Green for God’s sakes, where all the world’s press gather waiting to get a nice juicy tit-bit from some pompous Remainer who wants to fashion parade in front of the cameras. It was not as if she had been chased up some dark alley! God forbid, the lad would have been out of there like the veritable rat up a drain hole!

But former civil servants lording it above us mere ‘deplorables’ should cut the crap and faux outrage because it is they and current colleagues in the Civil Service who appear to relish with utmost glee briefing against their own country!

Put it this way. It is wrong for British civil servants to brief the other side except in a formal negotiating context. Perhaps they have read books on Philby and Maclean?

And TRESemme? As useful as an ineffective and expensive shampoo! Stupid? That’s a bit tepid and far too reserved for what I would call her. Her Withdrawal Agreement, for which read ‘Treaty’ is a load of old nonsense. Either she was completely oblivious to what ‘Egregious Olive Oily’ Robbins and Alistair ‘Stickleback Stab Us In The Back’ Brockbank were doing, two young male civil servants she has taken a shine to, or she wanted them to front her real purpose which, as an ardent Remainer, was to keep this United Kingdom of ours stuck to the EU like ‘Batty & Bench!’.

What does indeed stick in my craw is that odious little twerp, Brockbank, gathering a collection of EU diplomats to serve up to them the message that Brexit means Brexit is merely repeated over and over again to hoodwink the British public which he was convinced we would swallow.

We did. And for no other reason than we trusted. Not any more!. They would soon believe it to be true the longer and often it was said by the Prime Minister he sniggered and snorted. He’s a nasty little toad but oh, how they all laughed! They had a secret that was being kept from the unwitting British public.

After the vote to leave the EU shocked all the arrogant Remainers to the core, they had to be seen to deliver on a promise. An Act of Parliament in 2017 gave legality to trigger Article 50 of The Lisbon Treaty and we were now assured we were on our way out and would be serving 2 years notice in accordance with the treaty and leave on 29 March 2019 if not before.

Ever since, as we all know, each and every one of the 650 MPs barring the odd one or two plus practically all the unelected House of Lords have attempted to thwart Brexit.

The principal protagonist in my view is the Prime Minister letting young lads and lasses in the civil service loose to inflict irreparable harm on this country. They are immature in outlook and fancy themselves as the sole representatives in charge of our destiny.

And so it continues. A Remainer in charge of Brexit has made my family in the States hoot with mirth. Even Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Works and Pensions, delights in her chances at the leadership once TRESemme goes.

She claims a Remainer must she trills, must still be in charge of Brexit. I don’t know what planet she is on but my guess is that down here on earth, she is barking bloody mad!

Brexit means Brexit? But in what context? Jelly Babies mean Jelly Babies too!

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