Hello Britain! You were set free on Friday night but so far you didn’t notice.

The illegality of the Government’s attempt to squash the Withdrawal Act 2018 is a story which has yet to come to the attention of the majority of the British people.  Yet it is not going away

The Statute was clearly not complied with, as a Resolution to change the date of Withdrawal is required from both Houses.  The Government omitted to obtain this.

The government will claim to instead be using Prerogative Powers.

Yet these were already stated to be unusable in these circumstances in a recent former case, providing a further legal constraint on the government which the government ignored.

The effect of all this is that Brexit is here.  The Withdrawal Act should be enforced.

People should awaken from their slumbers.  Brexit has already happened whether the government realises or it doesn’t.

The traffic of people reading these stories on The Tap are way higher than WordPress counters are publicly showing.  This can be deduced from the privately shown WordPress read counters!  Hundreds of thousands of you are watching this story now.  Soon it will be millions of people both in Britain and from around the world.

To follow the next chapters in this still emerging story, so far totally ignored by the main media, you must start looking at the blog of Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats.  I will be tracking any aspects that I can see of course here on The Tap.

To set the mood to a bit jollier than is currently apparent in the main media I’m borrowing this image from a very apt magazine title.

I am not an English Democrat.  Nor do I follow the party as a rule.  Yet at this moment with UKIP disappearing and Nigel Farage ignoring this key story, the English Democrats are now the front runners.  Where are Britain’s 20 million Brexiteers?  Robin Tilbrook needs you.

Mr Average takes on the government. Send him a tenner.

Brexit enforcement proceeds

Judge declares Brexit delay illegal.


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