Great cartoon. And it’s no joke.

Nigel Farage was asked an interesting question at yesterday’s launch of the Brexit Party: will this movement be only about Brexit? For the moment, yes, said Mr Farage, because it is fighting the European elections and there’s only one issue on the agenda. But “thereafter” it will develop a fuller manifesto.

The longer Britain’s withdrawal from the EU is delayed, and the better the Brexit Party does, the more likely we are to see the emergence of a new alternative to the Conservatives.

TAP – How long before Conservative MPs stop their lemming like charge over the cliff?  They simply have to get rid of May.  Not tomorrow, next week, month or whatever.  Now.


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  1. NPP says:

    Political parties are so yesterday.
    We need e.g The Brexit Party to get out of the awful €U, but there after…..

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