England expects that every man will do his duty.

English Patriots Take Government to Court to SAVE BREXIT!


Ok so …. The simple guide to the High Court case by my friend Robin Tilbrook… solicitor and Chairman of the English Democrats… to legally prove we left the EU on 29 March 2019.

Now, we live in a civilised country England, which has rules and procedures, (Law) everyone has to follow the Law, which evolves (changes), via Acts of Parliament.

Some Acts of Parliament allow flexibility or discretion, in the Act of Parliament by Gov Ministers including the Prime Minister… basically acting on behalf of our Queen … this is called “Crown Prerogative” or “Henry Vlll rules”.

Now you may recall a remainer lady called Geni Miller making a big fuss about the Brexit Legislation, via the High Court, and then the UK Supreme Court … she won her case, and although the UK Gov were going to originally use Crown Prerogative Powers, to negotiate us out of the EU, Gina Miller insisted it had to be Parliament, the Courts agreed …. The Supreme Court found that ….The Prerogative power of the conduct of foreign relations could not be exercised to notify the EU of the UKs withdrawal …. from the EU.

So Theresa May, was forced to ratify the EU withdrawal Law, and any withdrawal Laws via Parliament in the official manner.

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Parliament and the Queen passes the EU Article 50 Law, which basically said that the UK was leaving the EU on 29 March 2019, or earlier if agreement was reached. In this Law, it gave no Prerogative for the Prime Minister to go past this date. The only way she could have extended the date past the 29 March 2019, was by formally in Law, amending the Law via both houses of parliament and the Queen, to another date, or to give herself the power for her, using Crown Prerogative, to decide the date.    She did not do this, and random votes in the House of Commons do not count as these are opinions, not Laws……

Robin’s case is that the Prime Minister had no lawful authority to ask the EU Council to extend the period before the UK leaves the EU, or to agree to any extension proposed by the EU Council in response; and that her purported acceptance of the EU Councils offer to extend the Article 50 period was accordingly, void. So, as a matter of domestic, international and EU law, the United Kingdom withdrew from the EU at 11pm on 29 Match 2019, since when the EU Treaties ceased to apply.

UK Gov have to respond on 17 April 2019. Therefore, it is absolutely VITAL we all get behind this campaign and do NOT let it fail because it lacks funds. A HUGE amount has been donated so far and THANK YOU but fighting TREASON is an expensive business, so we urgently need to give as we have never given before. I would also urge you to SHARE this with friends and family and encourage them to get on board by supporting this challenge financially.

Remember, there is no Plan ‘B’ this is IT, we stand or fall on what we can achieve NOW!

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Thank you and remember well the words our ancestors heard in Battle : “ England expects that every man will do his duty  ”!  

TAP – and the women too please.


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