Don’t pay for propaganda. BBC hiding important news.

As we reported yesterday in an absolutely stunning turn of events Chairman of The English Democrats Robin Tilbrook and well known activist Graeme Moore feel that they have unearthed a revelation that could turn the whole Brexit process on its head.

This court case appears to have captured the attention of loyal Brexiteers on social media with Unity News Network being inundated with request to cover this. It also appears to have reached an incredible £25,000 of grassroots crowdfunding which is an excellent achievement.

However Unity News Network has done an analysis of all the mainstream media channels and newspapers and found ZERO coverage of what could amount to a dynamite case.

As of 19:00 this is how the BBC website looks:

Now if you recall the Gina Miller legal case that was backed by shady millionaires and billionaires this received wall to wall mainstream media coverage yet there is total silence on this issue and the question remains as to why?

In a livestream earlier well known activist Graeme Moore said that the paperwork has now been submitted to both Number 10 Downing and the High Court which includes the draft of argument. The matter is now with a Judge and Mr Moore appears confident that the Judge will give leave and put this before a court. If for any reason the Judge doesn’t do this then they would appeal. They are hopeful that the decision of the judge will be imminent.

Mr Moore also questioned as to why this ground breaking case was receiving no media coverage as well.


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