Be part of historic and patriotic battle this ST GEORGE’S DAY

“Happy St.George’s Day”

Message From Party Chairman

Robin Tilbrook

Dear Henry

23th April 2019

I would like this opportunity to wish every one of my fellow countrymen and women a very happy St.Georges Day.

We currently have a petition running to make St George’s day a national public holiday in England! 

Other countries in the UK have more recognised patron saint’s day than England and Scotland has a public national holiday for St Andrews day.

England is long overdue a national public holiday for St George’s day.

It is not racist to have a national public holiday for St George!

Sign our petition today by clicking the button below then share it with your fellow countrymen!

P.S.  We also have a legal challenge running that we are bringing in the High Court for a Declaration that the UK left the EU on the expiry of our two-year notice period at 11.00 p.m. on the 29th March 2019 .

I have instructed our highly capable barrister to draft a response and we shall be pressing the court for an early hearing date. We smell blood and we are closing in!

With your generous help we have already raised over £100,000 which would usually be enough for an ordinary case, but this is a key constitutional case If we compare it with the Gina Miller case, that cost a total of just over £1.2 million.  So, we do need to keep that figure in mind.

You can be part of this historic and patriotic battle this ST GEORGE’S DAY donating below and please remember to SHARE this to all your friends and family.

You can also now donate via PayPal!

Thank you!

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook


3 Responses to “Be part of historic and patriotic battle this ST GEORGE’S DAY”

  1. Protestant says:

    Much as I admire and respect Robin Tilbrook for his sheer heroism in this battle, I think we need a new English National Day to celebrate England, instead of some fictitious man from Turkey. The England flag is actually THE CHRISTIAN FLAG OF THE RESURRECTION, a fact which has been largely forgotten by Englishmen and Christians everywhere. That’s why it was carried by the Crusaders, that’s why it has been flown from English church towers for centuries, and that’s why the Leftists hate it, call it “racist”, and have succeeded in getting it removed from church towers by complaints and threats. The occult Illuminati “George & Dragon” story(Egregore/Demi-Urge/Satan killing Christ the Dragon) was invented to draw attention away from Christ and His Banner. We should throw out Demi-Urge George and April 23rd as meaningless for England.

    England was founded by KING ALFRED THE GREAT, the valiant Christian Warrior King, “The Man who Made England”, now pushed into the background by the fictitious “Arthur” and Demi-Urge George. We should celebrate the 12TH OF MAY, when King Alfred finally defeated the Viking Army at the Battle of Edington in 878 AD, beginning the creation of England. The 12TH OF MAY also marked the rebellion of the barons against King John in 1215, which led to the Magna Carta and the beginning of democracy in England.

    Of course we should be proud to keep Christ’s Flag as the National Flag of England, reminding Englishmen of its true meaning, whether they are Christian or not. Anyone doubting it can ask their local vicar why that flag was, until recently, flown from all Anglican church towers. Every church in the world should be proud to fly Christ’s Flag. You can see 28 ancient paintings of Christ carrying His Resurrection Banner at 4:11 minutes here:

    I hope people will consider this suggestion for a new National Day for England, a real National English Hero, and restore the original meaning of our glorious National Flag.

  2. Tapestry says:

    St George and the Dragon were originally Mars and Venus in combat, when the polar alignment ended and the new Sun arrived. Dragon is the Greek word for comet.

  3. Protestant says:

    Interesting. Still nowt to do with England, though…

    Isn’t it strange how the Globalists never shriek “racist” at the Welsh Dragon, or the Scottish Saltire or Lion Rampant, or even the Pakistanis who fly their Crescent Moon goddess flag from their taxpayer-funded Birmingham council houses. But Christ’s Banner sends them into a frenzy of righteous indignation, howling with rage, foaming at the mouth, screaming “Little Englanders”, along with all their Little Third World followers.

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