Battling 5G electrosmog and winning

Around the end of February I realised that despite trying to keep going on as normal, I was not feeling right.  Each day I woke up not feeling refreshed from sleep and my energy was reducing.  Shane, my wife, pushed me into making an appointment at the hospital I attend just north of London, which specialises in Environmental Health, and which I have visited every year since 2005.

The original problem back then was identified as farm sprays from childhood.  This is all covered in the chapter on Health in my new book Angels & Devils, My Extraordinary Life, recounting the dramatic events and how I survived them, and how I achieved a recovery against the odds.

After a consultation with my doctor, this time she quickly came to the conclusion that I was suffering from excessive exposure to mobile phone and emfs in general.  Shane’s mother and cousin came over from the Philippines at Christmas, and they were leaving their phones on at night on the floor above, just a few feet from where we sleep.  A new neighbour moved in at the same time and her output of microwave emfs has been considerable, having a cordless phone base station on all three storeys, wifi, mobile phone (sometimes several depending on who’s there) and wifi printer – none of which are being turned off at night despite repeated requests.

So I went into a more direct course of action to protect myself.

I bought bed canopies and undersheets made from silver bobbinet for the whole family from Swisstulle in Chard.  These reflect 99% of emfs and have reduced the alert light on the Acoustimeter from reds to greens or no light at all.  Daytime I often wear a silver bobbinet hood around the house, and inside the car where mobile phone radiation is doubled as it reflects around the inside of the vehicle.  It looks ridiculous and I get strange inquisitive looks from people who look in through the window.

I sometimes use the hood in public where I am surrounded by people on phones when my head starts to hurt.  The relief is so great I don’t care about the embarrassment any more.

I am installing ethernet cables round the whole house and putting the router outside inside a couple of tins which block its output, and I will earth its energy from the trapped wifi.  It might be possible to avoid using a router and go straight to ethernet from the wall socket but I don’t yet know how.  Maybe a reader does know and could send an email or a comment giving a few tips.  I have metal backed wallpaper and electro-absorbent wallpapers ready to put up in various rooms around the house, and so hopefully I won’t need to wear the hood around the house each day after all this has been done.  These are not cheap things to be doing.

But you know what, I have slept fantastically ever since I bought the canopies and undersheets and so have the children slept longer and better.  I might look a twit wearing the hood but it is a huge relief to get my life back, and it’s been well worth the expense and occasional embarrassment.

To inquisitive people who ask me what the hood is for, I show them the red flashing light on the Acoustimeter from the elctrosmog emitted by their mobile phone, and then put the meter inside the hood which is more like a veil or a bee-keeper’s hat, and they see the lights go from red flashes to off completely – from up to six volts per meter to zero.  Then they get it, and start to take in what a battering we are all getting from these devices with pulsed Gigahertz emission at something like 500,000,000 oscillations a second.

I feel years younger, and can only encourage anyone suffering poor quality sleep like I was, migraines or anything else to investigate the benefits to health that can be gained by blocking the assault of microwave energy which is happening to all of us now on every front.  5G is here.  You don’t need to wait for its expansion which is coming when you will see what I can only describe as ‘shoe boxes’ containing antenna and transponders being attached to every lamp post in every street.  Get your defences up now and enjoy a better life than before, in the amount of electro smog we are already living within, and then you might not suffer as much when the full assault comes.

Why are so many children getting cancer?  You have to ask yourself if all these things are connected.

I managed to persuade a local farmer to abandon his contract with Airband to instal an 85 foot 5G mast on his land.  That has saved many people in the village from an early demise, cancers, birth deformities, suicide and the rest of it as explained by Mark Steele who has seen what extensive 5G installations have done in Gateshead.  In the office at work the girls have abandoned radio headsets and base stations dramatically cutting the electro smog they work in –  by 95% at a stroke.  They’ve gone back to wired headsets or just pick up an old-fashioned handset.  Some report feeling better than they have for years, with things like constant migraines disappearing.  Health & Safety make no mention.

To start on this journey of fighting back, the first step is buying a meter.  The Acoustimer is as good as any and can be sourced from Ebay or Amazon I am told for about £260.  It will be the best investment you will ever make.

My wife is not so convinced and thinks much of what I am saying is imaginary or paranoia.  I only wish it was!  She lives in her phone and insists I sit next to her in public unprotected while she chats and shares.  Of course this is all my fault.  Yet it was her who persuaded me to visit the doctor in the first place!  Hopefully we will eventually resolve these conflicts with more time.

I am adding a link or two about this in the printed version of the book which should be out in early May.  The same link is being added to the e-book.  This need not be a topic of endless doom ands gloom but one where we can win and make gains, but only if we wake up to what is happening and act.

Put face-saving to one side.  This is a battle for our lives.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    I will also test copper mesh or faraday ‘silk’ which supermarkets use to block mobile phone signals as do some nightclubs. Where possible get rid of the masts and the 5G outputs, but otherwise it will be down to defending yourself physically with materials that block the microwaves.

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