Armageddon and the 5G network

A picture says a thousand words. No police available to tackle knife crime.
Gangs of police available to assist in the destruction of healthy trees. Photo – Sheffield.

Technology is in the hands of the demonic.  The devil is in the detail.  5G is a killer, a DNA unravelling technology.  Damaging chromosomes so that unborn children will pay a heavy price.  The human immune system will be degraded to the point that many eradicated diseases will come back.  The electronic bombardment is having psychological effects – identity disassociation, making people are unable to adjust to their life’s events.  Cellphone towers are weapons.  Cellphones are weapons.  This is a Christian show.  Well-informed.  The interviewee works in electronics and deliverance (driving out demons).  He claims that once these technologies are out there, the demonic forces will become more powerful, and the spiritual attack on humanity will intensify.

There is targeting going on of particular individuals.

Radio waves – emf – electro-motor force of magnitudes previously unexperienced are now being sent out.  AM/FM radio waves we can live with – unless you live too near the broadcasts.  Transponders are being installed very close to people now – which picks up signal and sends it on.  Higher frequencies need line of sight.  There’s the need for millions of transponders.  Water stops radio waves, so that trees have to be removed to keep the transponders working.

A kilohertz wave oscillates a thousand times a second.  A mega Herz oscillates at a million times a second.  A giga-Herz or microwave which cooks through water molecule heating is far faster.  The wave changes the structure of the food you eat.  These are bad for body tissue.  There are Tera Herz and X ray.  5G is giga Herz – up to twenty or fifty GH which are BASICALLY WEAPONS.  Our DNA begins to unravel.  Other effects covered like increasing oxidation – dementia, Alzheimers, autism – coming through the degrading of the metals inside us.  Vaccination, chemtrails increase our metallic load.  The ability to transfer oxygen declines. Memory starts to go.  Catch colds.  The flu will get you.  Your red cells will start stacking up and drop in number, if you eat microwaved food.  Cataracts, blindness, night vision will drop.  Brain tumours from cellphones.  Military and Police using radar have been affected and developed tumours.

5G network is controlled by supercomputers.

Fear is a factor – couples arguing with each other.  Scott gives talks aimed at meeting all kinds of people.  Find him at or

This is a spiritual battle.  If you are alive today, you are here for this fight.  The demonic realm wants you unaware and an easy victim, afraid and unable to fight back.  Scott equates technological advance with demonic power, and explains how we are being emotionally observed as waves pass through us, by supercomputers which are mapping us.  Quantum computers are like a plasma that has thought processes, multi-tasking ability and they can predict your behaviour from observing your output.  5G will take state control of individuals to another level.

5G uses shoe box size antennas which have a hundred eyes or a hundred tiny antennas which can pick up the required data and send it to the required drone, cellphone or computer and switch to another shoebox a milli-second later.  The shoe boxes will be on traffic lights, streetlight poles – everywhere.  They can read your mind.  Each box is like radar.  They use Doppler effect to locate you.  Even without cellphone they can track you.

We will be subjected to radiation at levels never experienced before.  Microwave, human cooking levels.  The whole system is evil controlled through artificial intelligence operated by supercomputers.  When they instal it, they don’t need technicians just regular installers as for any other equipment.  They are self calibrating.  Drones will increase because of 5G.  They will know where everyone is, what they’re thinking, what they’re saying.  Anyone against the Deep State will be categorised.  Radio waves which come into our homes.

Late to fight.  Politicians are all bought out.  The electrical system its being altered to the point that the grounded systems no longer exist.  And power exposure isolation is going.  Followed by listeners’ questions.


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