An Irish view.

Amazonian Indian, Romanian dwarf and Nigerian jail-bird versus the British people

It’s by now been nearly three years since the British people voted decisively to leave the EUSSR. The intervening time has seen a determined and ongoing campaign to thwart this clearly-expressed decision.  The vote largely entailed real British people supporting Brexit and a rancid stew of minorities and cosmopolitan blow-ins voting Remain. Little wonder that those working subsequently to thwart the will of the British people come from that cohort.

No sooner had the votes been counted than Amazonian Indian Gina Miller (born Guyana) was out of the traps to launch a high-profile challenge to the legality of the result. Since then she has been harassing and harrying Brexit voters non-stop. I suppose they should be grateful that she hasn’t attacked them with curare-tipped darts from her blowpipe.

Poisoned dwarf John Bercow (know to his parents as John Berkowitz), the scion of a family of Romanian Jews, has used, or more accurately abused, his position as Speaker of the House Of Commons to thwart proposed  Brexit legislation in a way that has scandalised even arch-Remainers like the Guardian and the BBC.  ‘He’s already reached back to the 1600s in his apparent determination to Stop Brexit. And he continues to tear up the rule book and override precedent.’ His unpopularity is such it’s said that even his friends hate him.

Much has been made of his migration – more of a somersault really – from the political right to the left. He once wanted to have Nelson Mandela hanged – but now a defection to Labour is rumoured. In fact there’s nothing surprising about this, which closely mirrors that of the “American” neocons who have migrated in the opposite direction. All have been driven by the perennial question ‘what’s best for the Jews?’. And as rootless cosmopolitans Jews have been overwhelmingly anti-Brexit.
And finally we come to the Nigerian jail-bird MP. This reportfrom Metro: (WARNING: Report contains hideous close-up images of this monster).

Former Labour MP Fiona Onasanya is facing backlash after she voted against no-deal Brexit which passed by a majority of one yesterday. Brexiteer have slammed Parliament for allowing the MP for Peterborough, who was sentenced to three months in jail for lying to avoid a speeding fine, to vote. Onasanya was 

released with an ankle bracelet in February and her ability to participate in Parliamentary business depends on the terms of her curfew. Brexit supporter Meirion John Thomas said: ‘Last night, tag-wearing convicted criminal Fiona Onasanya helped a bill designed to frustrate the will of 17.4 million people to pass through the Commons by just a single vote. ‘British politics truly is a complete and utter cesspit.’ Martin Daubney said: ‘Last night, the former jailbird, wearing an ankle tag, voted against a No Deal Brexit, which lost by one vote. Her vote.’ He added: ‘A criminal just stopped Brexit.

So there you have it. The British people vote. A motley crew of foreigners dispense. Incidentally the next Conservative Leadership contest is likely to be between a Jew and a Pakistani Muslim. Just as was the last Mayoral vote for the capital city of what used to be the British Empire.

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