Wi-fi global infertility crisis

Markab Algedi, Contributor
Waking Times

This is article number two in a series about 5G. We have no choice but to cover this because our friends and family in the Sacramento area are suffering from symptoms now, according to their firsthand accounts of nausea, headaches, and chest pains, from Natomas to downtown Sacramento.

If we’re going to understand Verizon’s 4-city rollout of 5G and the 23 city AT&T deployment, we have to understand what frequency WiFi currently operates at, and the consequences we’ve already been suffering from that.


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  1. Cobalt says:

    Forget tin-foil hats… they are so yesterday.

    Maybe it’s time to walk around in full Hazmat-style tin-foil suits with in-built breathing apparatus:

    – Blocks out harmful chemtrails
    – Blocks out idiots that call everything a ‘conspiracy theory’ if it doesn’t meet their crazy diatribe because you can’t hear them anyway
    – Blocks out 5G cancer causing radiation…


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