Daily Express joins Daily Mail Online. Runs article on Brexit court case. Where are the others?

Britain’s ALREADY LEFT! Court battle launched to show Brexit has already HAPPENED

A LEGAL battle claiming Britain has already left the European Union has been launched in the High Court by the leader of the English Democrats.

“I fully expect it to be heard fairly soon. I’ve asked the High Court for it to be heard on an expedited basis. I think the argument’s strong that we’re out.

“The Government’s proceeding on the basis that we’re still in. We’re saying that’s not the case. If there’s a declaration from the High Court that we’re out, the Government’s got a new reality to deal with.”

Legal experts have cast doubt on whether Mr Tilbrook’s case will succeed.

Thom Brooks, Professor of Law and Government at Durham University Law School, told MailOnline: “I think the idea is that Parliament voted to leave on 29 March, this date has passed without a new Act of Parliament and so we’re out.

Theresa May and Robin Tilbrook.

“Now we really need as much help as possible so that we can match the well-funded Remain groups and the tax funded government lawyers!”

The judicial review application argues Mrs May did not have the power to extend the Brexit date past March 29.

Mr Tilbrook said: “What we’re hoping to achieve with it is a declaration that we’re already out. If you’ve read it, you can see that the argument’s very strong.


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