Why are the world’s crypto-leaders so narked about Brexit?

Following on from the discussion in comments with Peter Fairhurst, he directed me to read Miles W Mathis on the origin of terms such as Jews, working from Hebrew and Aramaic.  Jew in origin, means simply leader or authority.  So that crypto-Jew and crypto-leader become co-terminous.  The bloodlines descended from the Hyksos and the Pheonicians are the crypto-leaders of the world to this day, and they’re the ones presumably putting up this anti-Semitic nonsense in the media.

Semitic is a name of a group of ancient languages including African and Arabic, so how can being anti- a-group-of -languages mean anything?  It doesn’t.

The justifiers of the endless anti-Semitic nonsense in the media, claim that Jews need a term to describe prejudice against them, but if crypto-Jew and crypto-leader have one and the same meaning, why should people be so happy with their existence as hidden and secret governments deciding the fates of the rest of us?  The intensity of their anti-Semitic campaign betrays a certain amount of desperation.  They know that more and more people are aware of who they are and what they are doing, and they want to hold on to the power they’ve secretly wielded for thousands of years, secretly out of sight and knowledge of everyone else.

They seem to be securely in control of Britain, whether we come out of the EU or not.  Are they concerned they won’t be able to control us once we are out?  Why are they so panicky?  Surely they still own everything or nearly everything.  Surely they believe they can get wars started all around the world, and bring humanity to its knees once more as they have done throughout history.  They still have judges in their pockets and the dead hand of Freemasonry operational in their interests.   What difference does Brexit make?  Is their panic a sign they are worried about losing control?  Or they just don’t like us knowing they are there.

The Jews as powerful leaders created Judaeism to control the masses (and Christianity too), and they have shown themselves willing to massacre followers of that religion (also called Jews which is confusing).  They don’t want the mass of the people copying their tricks and becoming wealthy and powerful, through sound investment strategies.  They will eliminate any serious competition whenever they get the chance.

All human beings want is the chance to live in peace and contentment.  Do we even want to compete with bloodlines that are entirely corrupted and hate each other, living in fear and loathing of everyone else, desperate to hang on to all their money?  No.  Brexit should be exit from control by bloodlines, but not an attempt to compete with them.  Just give us a break, Jews.  You are the crypto-leaders.  Be a little less crypto and we will be a little less anti.  We need to defend our vital interests but we do not intend to challenge yours.  Brexit is no threat.  Relax.  There has to be a deal cut eventually between the powerful and the ordinary people.  Slavery will not be an easy sell in Britain, I’m afraid.  The psychopaths with their propensity to rape children, male and female, will have to accept that in the end of the day.



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  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Thanks Tap, nail on the head here I feel. You have summed up ordinary peoples problem here very well. “Peace and contentment” – hear, hear!

    A key point, that is not understood by many, is when you say:

    “The Jews as powerful leaders created Judaeism to control the masses (and Christianity too), and they have shown themselves willing to massacre followers of that religion (also called Jews which is confusing)”.

    This double definition of Jew is at the heart of the con I think. I tend to use Zionist as the distinction between the leaders and the mass of ordinary Jews. But I know that this is inadequate really. I am fortunately immune from any accusations of anti-Semolinaism because I am married to a Jewess and hence my children are Jewish too. Certainly non of us are Zionists…

    This anti-Semitic nonsense is patently just nonsense. Anyone who is half awake should surely see straight through it

  2. Tapestry says:

    I think Zionists are another complication or layer of the structure. part of the disguise. the crypto-leaders use multiple badges to hide behind. the bloodlines never declare themselves and always find an enemy for you to oppose.

  3. Tapestry says:

    good to hear we agree on the principles.

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