UKC: John Petley Brexit Treason Busted

John Petley posted an analysis at the Bruges Group website, taken down, but fortunately screen shot saved….
Dave Ellis and Mike Robinson attended a Brexit hearing. It was a dog & pony show.

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UK Column News  06 March 2019


Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

Doesn’t that sound nice — the Changing Character of War Centre at Oxford?

Is it code for “changing THE character of war”?

NO WAY is Donnelly an ex-spook from the formal intelligence services. WAY too dumb to pass the exams.
Hybrid ! – is he PLUGGED into the mains ?
Disinformation campaign against UK patriots = Integrity Initiative
I had no idea Donnelly was so thick. Had been thinking HE was the MPs’ handler, but clearly from this performance, he HAS a handler.
the Fusion Doctrine equates to puublic / private partnerships. Add to this hybrid warfare. To whom are they accountable?
The White Helmets are the deep state’s men in the Middle East and these DefCom witnesses are the deep state’s Purple Helmets for WWIII.

“Nativism” = posh term for “plebs thinking the country is there for them and not for migrants”
“Authoritarianism” = posh term for “not accepting Soros NGOs and Soros judiciary”

Who Are These People?… negotiating and advising on Brexit?

Post since taken down….
Treason May… dynamite! The Bruges Group.

Bruges Group is Integrity Initiative.
Bruges Group Blog
22 hours ago – John Petley read
Das U-Boot has popped up its periscope between Frau May’s legs

Breaking: Campaigners win court challenge over government support for fracking


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UKC: Novichuckle 1 Year On


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