UKC: Flogging A Dead Idea

Theresa is flogging a dead horse. Boris spaffs in waiting. Diddy David Steele knew about the abuse of children, but did nothing…

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UK Column News 15 March 2019


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Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
They’ve done a brilliant job to delay Brexit! 4th Reich superstate
Tusk: “I’m open to your on going of paying my salary…”

read it & circulated it…

Standing army is barred by the Bill of Rights


Bringing together civil and military institutions

Military gender training?!
Linking gender to terrorism?!

Bollox Johnson & spaffing…

Sarah Champion = Common Purpose

David Steel introduced the Abortion Act 1967 as a Private Member’s Bill.

I hope you read Playland by Anthony Daly, too.
And what this led to was a situation in 1977 when the Dutch Parliament had a Private Member’s Bill to legalise child rape, which lay around until removed in 1983. The same year (1977), PIE in Britain was calling for the same.

PIE was based in Islington, which we now know was operating child torture dungeons in its police station with council connivance.
Owen Jones has officially gone insane over Gilad Atzmon. Over the edge, plum loco crazy.


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