UKC: Attention No: 10: Brexit By John Bingley

“First of all, in the security and intelligence sector, the UK will not leave…. it may be a secret, but you will not leave.”
So says Francois Fischer, Head of the Intelligence Analysis Division, European Union Intelligence and Situation Centre…

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UK Column News  01 March 2019


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Dying For Good Health


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Vive la Triple Entente!

First ever UK German Defence Ministerial

MP’s and party irrelevant. It is the Remain Party Military Machine

Head of €U Intelligence: the UK will not leave.

Pre-nuptial Brexit Agreement

It may be a secret. You will not leave!
Border control
Police & military
Civil contingencies
Single Point Command & Control

Even “Defence Accelerator” sounds like some Third Reich superweapon.


Brexit: The Constitutional Position by John Bingley:


Johnny Mercer. Why aren’t you talking about military unification?

“Mercer”: a seller of whole cloth. I kid you not. Mediaeval English word.

Moses & Jesus criticised Jews. Were they anti-Semolinaites?



Smacking kids


Brand new unbacked fiat currency


Your organs belong to the state!

The state can own your organs. What can go wrong with that?



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  1. Tapestry says:

    We will not leave but our people are waking up a tad. They might work out how to elect MPs who are not in the pockets of the security services.

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