UGLE probably a bit UGLIER than it seems

This is the Queen’s cousin, the Duke of Kent, UGLE grandmaster.

In the top 6 at UGLE we have 2 others from Kent ie solicitor, Geoffrey Dearing from Maidstone & Brachers solicitors in Maidstone & Jonathan Spence from Rochester (now Medway); the CEO & Grand Secretary is a NHS doctor, Dr David Staples.  The other 2 at the top are Peter Lowndes & Sir David Wootton.

Brachers are involved in money laundering & bringing down the NHS.

The UGLE 300th anniversary bash in the Maidstone area was organised by Mark Costelloe of the Loose Bowls Club (NCA, Kent Police, Head of Mid-Kent masons & South Africa) who teamed up with Paul Carter of Douglas Lodge on 18.7.2016 to take me down to protect a paedo South African Archbishop (i.e Tutu) & help a Jewish managed South African healthcare company, Netcare, boost its share value in BMI Healthcare prior to the NHS coming down.

From Yolande Kenwood. on Facebook.


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